Taking Action for Animals Conference Has Something for Everyone

Veggie NBA Scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin Cycles for Farm Sanctuary

Vegetarian NBA scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin supports Farm Sanctuary at Flywheel West Hollywood.

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Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Earns Millions for Charity

Although dozens of professional photographers were on hand to capture every moment of the 86th Academy Awards, the most noteworthy photo came from host Ellen DeGeneres‘ cell phone. DeGeneres’ Oscar

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Urge Celebrities Not to Attend Saddest Show on Earth

Aiming to curb the negative publicity, Ringling Bros. has announced one of their upcoming shows will be a star studded event.

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WATCH: Rocker Pink is Part of 1 Billion Rising on V-Day

February 14th may be synonymous to most with red roses, heart-shaped candies, and other Hallmark goodies – but while some people are getting dressed up for their dinner reservations tonight,

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Moby Voices Solidarity With Rose Bowl SeaWorld Protesters

Musician and animal rights activist, Moby, tweeted his support for the protesters of the SeaWorld float at the Rose Bowl.

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SeaWorld Has No ‘Heart’, Band Cancels Park Performance

The lineup to SeaWorld’s February concert festival is slimming down. Heart make the third band to drop out, thanks to a petition and “Blackfish.”

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