loggerhead turtle

USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles

India Bans the Import and Consumption of Foie Gras

The Indian government bans the import and consumption of the popular and cruel duck dish, foie gras.

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Celebrate Your Independence from Meat with a Vegan Fourth of July

Celebrate your independence from meat with a vegan Fourth of July feast! This round-up will give you plenty of tips, tricks, and recipes to help you create a festive spread.

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China Removes Animal Testing Requirement for Cosmetics

Big news from China! The country has effectively removed its requirement for cosmetics to be tested on animals in order to be approved for sale.

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SeaWorld Makes List of 4 Most Hated U.S. Companies

According to a recent report released by Comsumerist, SeaWorld has made the list of the four most unpopular U.S. corporations.

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Study Finds Emperor Penguins Are Adapting to Climate Change

A study published in the journal Ecography suggests emperor penguins may adapt better to the effects of climate change than researchers previously believed.

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WATCH: Bill Maher Blasts Liam Neeson About Horse Carriages

HBO’s ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher blasts actor Liam Neeson, for being outspoken about his support for New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry.

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