This is not good news. According to a new report from the American Lung Association, more than 40 percent of Americans live in a city with poor air quality.

The Top Ten Most Polluted Cities in America

Film Review: The Salt of the Earth

It so happens to be that a film about photographs is most cinematic. It’s a haunting and powerful exploration into the ways in which humans interact with each other and

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New Project Seeks Crowdfunding to Make Death Eco-Friendly

A new project is seeking funding to make human deaths more eco-friendly. If becoming a tree pod isn’t your thing, the Urban Death Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to

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The Culinary Collective Launches Pop-Up Vegan Dinner Series in NYC

Fans of vegan cuisine and unique dining experiences will get to experience the best of both worlds thanks to The Culinary Collective. The Culinary Collective is a pop-up dinner series

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In-Depth Interview with Farm Sanctuary Founder Gene Baur

Gene Baur is one of the good guys. President and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary — the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization — Baur has since 1986 been advocating on behalf of

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Chianti Wine To Go Vegan This Spring Due To Popular Demand

Good news for vegans and chianti lovers: one vino producer claims to have made the first certified vegan Chianti, which will be on sale this spring. Fattoria Casabianca, which is located

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The World Readies for Darkness as Earth Hour Approaches

We are just one days away from one of the year’s most dedicated and unifying moments on Earth. Come Saturday, around the globe, individuals, communities, and indeed countries will look

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