Russell Simmons: ‘Do Yourself a Favor: Try Vegan’

SeaWorld Being Sued for Not Reporting ‘Blackfish’ Impact

Shareholders sue SeaWorld due to the theme park’s failure in acknowledging the impact of hit documentary “Blackfish.”

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PETA Live Tweets from Ringling Bros, Exposes Animal Cruelty

PETA protested the Ringling Bros Circus in the most unthinkable way: attending the show.

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Exclusive Interview with Vegan Environmentalist Suzy Amis-Cameron

Former model and actress Suzy Amis-Cameron — as any avid Ecorazzi reader knows — has since 2012 been embracing a plant-based diet. Alongside her famous filmmaker husband James Cameron, the

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Vivienne Westwood, UK Celebs Want Answers on Fracking

UK celebs are partnering up with a new website that allows them and other concerned citizens to ask questions about fracking.

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Willie Nelson and Neil Young Join Fight Against Keystone Pipeline

Musical legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young have agreed to play a concert in Neligh to raise funds and awareness against the proposal to lay the Keystone XL pipeline through the area.

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Sam Simon Buys Fur Farm to Save Chinchillas

Sam Simon spent $150,000 saving 425 chinchillas. Simon said, “I have a desire to help animals … It’s my money and I get to do what I want with it.”

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