Child With Kerosene Lamp (Mavic Matillano)

The World Readies for Darkness as Earth Hour Approaches

Mexico Seeks New Homes for Over 2,000 Animals Due to Circus Ban

In light of Mexico’s upcoming ban which will prevent animals from being used as performers in circuses, the country is now faced with the challenge of finding homes for over

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Interview: Stephanie Flack talks DC Environmental Film Fest

Across 12 days in the United States capital comes a film festival of global importance, as an environmentally-focused, widely-accessible gala to looks engage and enlighten, raise awareness, and call to

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Photographer Captures Bobcat Image For Wildlife Awareness

Photographer Steven Winter captured a stunning image of a bobcat with the hopes of generating awareness for a wildlife corridor over a busy freeway in Los Angeles. Winter took the photograph

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Scientists Need Help Funding Anti-Poaching Drone Program

Poaching continues to be one of the biggest threats to wildlife in Africa but that won’t be the case for long if a team of scientists get the funding they

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Remembering Sam Simon, Co-Creator of ‘The Simpsons’ And Animal Activist

What a tragic loss to our community. Sam Simon, the co-creator of “The Simpsons,” who dedicated his life to donating his fortune away to help animal rights, died on Sunday.

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Scientists Create Music Just For Cats

A team of scientists at the University of Wisconsin has created a music playlist designed to be sonic catnip for your feline friend. Gone are the days when you used

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