Ecorazzi had the pleasure of speaking with filmmakers Brean Cunningham and Doug Seirup about their experience with working on "Dogs On The Inside."

Exclusive Interview with Brean Cunningham and Doug Seirup of ‘Dogs On The Inside’

Film Review: Dogs on the Inside

Two parties neglected and forgotten become the powerful emotional center of an uplifting new documentary, Dogs on the Inside. We’re taken to Massachusetts, where there exists a unique, mutually-beneficial rehabilitation

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Cat Breaks Out From Shelter to Find Original Rescuer

Talk about the great escape. A stray cat broke out from a shelter after only twenty minutes to find his way back to his original rescuer. The story begins when

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Dog Owner Gives Epic Bucket List for Dying Pet

When New Yorker Lauren Fern Watt learned her beloved dog Gizelle was dying of bone cancer, she did what any loving relative would do: she concocted a bucket list for

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The Future of Sushi is Vegan

If it looks like fish and tastes like fish, it must be fish, right? Not necessarily. Tomato Sushi is turning tomatoes into tuna (kind of) and creating more sustainable, vegan

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Vegan-Friendly Franchise LYFE Kitchen Opens Location in NYC

Last month, on December 1, LYFE Kitchen opened its first location in New York City, its 14th to date since launching in 2011. Some may have missed this news due

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Exclusive Interview with Factory Farm Drone Documentarian Mark Devries

You may recognize Mark Devries as the guy behind the insightful documentary Speciesism: The Movie, which saw its world premiere in New York City last September (2013). With the bootstrapped

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