Fans of vegan cuisine and unique dining experiences will get to experience the best of both worlds thanks to The Culinary Collective.

The Culinary Collective Launches Pop-Up Vegan Dinner Series in NYC

In-Depth Interview with Farm Sanctuary Founder Gene Baur

Gene Baur is one of the good guys. President and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary — the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization — Baur has since 1986 been advocating on behalf of

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Chianti Wine To Go Vegan This Spring Due To Popular Demand

Good news for vegans and chianti lovers: one vino producer claims to have made the first certified vegan Chianti, which will be on sale this spring. Fattoria Casabianca, which is located

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The World Readies for Darkness as Earth Hour Approaches

We are just one days away from one of the year’s most dedicated and unifying moments on Earth. Come Saturday, around the globe, individuals, communities, and indeed countries will look

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Mexico Seeks New Homes for Over 2,000 Animals Due to Circus Ban

In light of Mexico’s upcoming ban which will prevent animals from being used as performers in circuses, the country is now faced with the challenge of finding homes for over

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Interview: Stephanie Flack talks DC Environmental Film Fest

Across 12 days in the United States capital comes a film festival of global importance, as an environmentally-focused, widely-accessible gala to looks engage and enlighten, raise awareness, and call to

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Photographer Captures Bobcat Image For Wildlife Awareness

Photographer Steven Winter captured a stunning image of a bobcat with the hopes of generating awareness for a wildlife corridor over a busy freeway in Los Angeles. Winter took the photograph

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