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Subway Tests Out Vegan ‘Malibu Garden’

Joseph Morgan Celebrates Marriage With Vegan Cake and Menu

The TV stars officially tie the knot in Jamaica alongside family, friends and a plant-based menu.

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Demi Lovato Feels Better on Mostly Raw Plant Based Diet

Demi Lovato indulged in a slice of pizza last month, despite her allergy to dairy, because she just couldn’t say no in front of the commander in chief.

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Ariana Grande Thinks Bacon is ‘Disgusting’

Think you can’t live without bacon? Ariana Grande would not approve. The singer took to Twitter on Monday to make her feelings about the pig product very clear.

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Cookbook Superstar Isa Moskowitz Opens Vegan Restaurant in Omaha

One of the biggest names in vegan cooking, Isa Moskowitz is bringing her delicious talent to Omaha, Nebraska, in the form of Modern Love restaurant.

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Beef Causes Most Environmental Harm, Study Says

Put down that burger if you care about the environment! That is the concluding message from a new study that shows beef has the largest environmental impact out of any

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WATCH: Russell Brand Wants Your Help Going (and Staying) Vegan

Russell Brand is a proud vegetarian who’s not afraid to promote the plant based lifestyle to whoever is willing to listen.

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