This week the Obama administration announced that food sustainability will not be factored into this year's edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

New Nutritional Guidelines Ignore Food Sustainability

Turns Out Milk Doesn’t Do a Body Good

Looks like your milk mustache is all for naught . A new study shows that calcium does not prevent osteoporosis or bone fracture; in fact, a diet high in dairy

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WATCH: Stevie Wonder Sings About Veganism With James Corden

Stevie Wonder sang a song about veganism in a video of outtakes from his recent appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”. In the video, the musical legend talks

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PETA Names White Castle ‘Kind Fast Food’ For Going Vegan

According to PETA, there’s a new burger king in town. The animal rights organization recently awarded White Castle a Kind Fast Food award for making its veggie burger entirely vegan, including

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Impossible Foods Raises $108 Million For Its Vegan Burgers

Who needs Google’s money? Certainly not Impossible Foods. The California-based startup, which is developing a plant-based cheeseburger, raised $108 million in new funding. Earlier this year, the search engine conglomerate tried

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NBA Star Tried Vegan Diet, Felt ‘A Lot Lighter and Faster’

NBA guard, Ben Gordon, of the Golden State Warriors, went on a vegan diet earlier this year and, like many vegan athletes before him, felt his energy increase as a

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JetBlue Tests Farm-to-Tray-Table Concept

JetBlue is trying to make airport food a whole lot tastier, and healthier, by opening its own “farm” at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Yes, you read that right:

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