Study finds that ten percent of Americans follow a vegetarian inclined diet

Study Finds that 10% of Americans Follow a Vegetarian-Inclined Diet

Moby Opens Up On His Veganism

Longtime vegan and animal advocate Moby opened up recently to the Los Angeles Times about his thirty-plus years dedication to veganism. Moby talked to the newspaper in advance of the opening

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New York City Receives Fleet of Eco-Friendly Food Carts

Street food in New York is about to get a whole lot healthier and greener, thanks to the 500 eco-friendly food carts which will soon roll out into the city. The

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Jamie Oliver Is Now a Part Time Vegetarian

Chef Jamie Oliver is well known for his push for a healthier diet at home and, for children, at school and now he’s walking the walk by going vegetarian as

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NYC To Get New Upscale Vegan Eatery This Summer

New York City is the country’s vegan capital so it’s no surprise the city is getting another high profile vegan eatery. Avant Garden will be an upscale restaurant in the

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Beyonce: ‘Benefits of a Plant-based Diet Need to Be Known’

After Beyonce and Jay Z had a taste of vegan living in 2013, they have been living a plant-based inspired life and decided to launch a vegan food delivery service.

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Portland Is Home To the World’s First Vegan Mini-Mall

Vegan shoppers should head west to Portland, home of the world’s first vegan mini-mall. This one-stop-vegan-shop paradise is the answer to every vegan multi-tasker’s dream.Where else can one buy coconut

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