Moby is calling for the end of animal agriculture in order to save humanity in his latest Huffington Post article.

Moby’s Vegan Restaurant is Definitely Happening

Domino’s Pizza Says No to Vegan Options

Well, this sucks. Domino’s stockholders have rejected PETA’s proposal to add vegan options to its menu. PETA had been pressuring the Ann Arbor-based pizza company offer vegan cheeses and meats on

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Scientists Working On Cow Milk Cheese Without the Cow

A group of scientists in California are trying to make cow’s milk cheese without the cow. Yes, you’ve read that right. The scientists in question are a group of “bio-hackers” at

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Want to Live Past 100? New Book Recommends a Diet Rich in Mostly Plants

If you’re looking to live a centenarian lifestyle, you should reach for greens and beans. One of the key takeaways from Dan Buettner’s new book, “The Blue Zones Solution,” is

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NYC to Have Funeral for Victims of Animal Holocaust

On April 16th, a Holocaust survivor will lead a funeral procession in New York City for all animals killed in factory farming to this day. On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shimon

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‘Man Versus Food’ Star Embraces Plant-Based Diet to Lose Weight

“Man Versus Food” star Adam Richman is known for devouring huge racks of ribs and salivating over massive burgers. But not anymore. “I’ve been vegan for the past three months,” Richman

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IKEA Rolls Out Vegan Swedish Meatballs

Starting this Thursday, April 9, IKEA will start serving vegan Swedish meatballs at its stores’ restaurants. According to IKEA’s Managing Director of Food Services, Michael La Cour, the store’s “original

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