spicy vegan dishes

11 Deliciously Spicy Vegan Dishes to Welcome Spring

Dr. Martens Celebrates Earth Day With New Vegan Footwear

Dr. Martens celebrates Earth Day by introducing their new line of earth and animal-friendly vegan shoes and boots.

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Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet

They say you should never start a new diet on a Monday because you’ll inevitably fail. Well, it’s a great thing Earth Day is on a Tuesday this year then

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Paul McCartney: A Good Friday is a Vegetarian Friday

Sir Paul McCartney is speaking up for animals on Good Friday, reminding participants of the holiday that a truly Good Friday would be a vegetarian one.

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First Vegetarian Species Evolved from Meat-Eaters

The first ever vegetarian has been found and as it turns out, he was initially a meat eater.

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Peter Dinklage Asks You to ‘Face Your Food’ and Go Veg

Longtime vegetarian Peter Dinklage has joined with the likes of Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin by teaming up with PETA to narrate their farming exposé “Face Your Food.”

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Peter Dinklage Became a Vegetarian for Love of Animals and a Girl

Although Dinklage has been a vegetarian for most of his adult life, he claims that he doesn’t frequent vegetarian restaurants and has given up on mock meats.

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