Reese Witherspoon and Nieces Chow Down on Vegan Hot Dogs

by Allyson Koerner

The Oscar-winning actress goes animal friendly by enjoying vegan hot dogs with nieces while filming new movie in The Big Easy.

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Emily Deschanel’s Two-Year-Old Son is ’99 Percent Vegan’

by Lindsey Little

Emily Deschanel is raising her two-year-old son, Henry, with husband David Hornsby, to be “99-percent vegan.”

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Lily Cole Urges People to Go Veg to Save the Planet

by Natalia Galbetti

In a recent interview the model, actress, activist and entrepreneur opened up about what drives her to promote change.

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Billy Bob Thornton Explains How He Indulges On a Vegan Diet

by Joan Reddy

Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton is another actor who has joined the ranks of famous celebrity vegans.

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10 Vegan Beauty Brands To Try Right Now

by VegNews

By Colleen Holland | When I first went vegan in the mid-90s, I attended a raw cooking class in San Diego. Normally, it would be all about the food, but something

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Vegan Supermarket Chain to Come to US in 2016

by Maria Mooney

Jan Bredack wasn’t always a passionate vegan. In 2011, the former meat-lover started the world’s first vegan supermarket chain called “Veganz“. Founded in Berlin, Germany, the business venture has proven

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James Cameron-Funded Eco School to Go Vegan

by Amanda Just

Director James Cameron and his wife back an environmentally-focused school in California, which is now going plant-based!

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