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Director Lee Daniels Might Open Vegan Soul Food Restaurant

Mayim Bialik Shows Vegans Can Enjoy Cheese Too

Mayim Bialik loves to remind her fans being vegan doesn’t mean a life of deprivation and on Sunday she showed them vegan cheeses to illustrate the point.

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Alicia Silverstone’s 3-Year-Old Son Enjoys Vegan Diet

Actress, author and vegan activist, Alicia Silverstone, explores her journey into motherhood in her new book, “The Kind Mama,” which explores raising children and inspiring them to be kind.

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Matt Lauria’s Vegan Diet Keeps Him in Shape for ‘Kingdom’

Matt Lauria stays in shape and maintains a healthy lifestyle thanks to his vegan diet.

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Bellamy Young’s ‘Scandal’ Fried Chicken is Actually Vegan

Bellamy Young admits the fried chicken that her character is eating on “Scandal” is actually vegan.

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James and Suzy Cameron to Open Vegan Restaurant in New Zealand

James Cameron and Suzy Amis-Cameron have announced plans to open a new vegan restaurant which will serve home-grown foods.

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Why You Should Cut Back on Meat for World Vegetarian Day

You can do your health and the environment a huge favor by cutting back on your personal meat consumption.

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