According to a climate think tank, switching to a veggie-based diet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global warming from dangerous levels.

Study: Eating Less Meat Is the Only Way to Save the Planet

WATCH: A ‘Backwards Thanksgiving’

The good folks at FOX ADHD (Animation Domination High-Def) cooked up a special animated short for this Thanksgiving holiday starring humans as the main meal. The 90-second short shows a

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Mayim Bialik: ‘Why Do Some People Hate Vegans?’

Vegan actress Mayim Bialik took to her blog, Grok Nation, this week to pose the age-old (and tiresome) question: why do some people hate vegans? “Some people think we are

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Trainer-Approved Tips For Your Upcoming Vegan Thanksgiving

An L.A.-based vegan trainer took to his blog recently to share some vegan recipes for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The trainer, who calls himself Victor, runs a blog called Vegan

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WATCH: Jesse Eisenberg and Family Celebrate ‘Thanksliving’

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, actor Jesse Eisenberg talked about how his family puts a compassionate – and vegan — spin on Thanksgiving. Though Eisenberg claims to be

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In-Depth Interview with Owner of Manhattan’s Freshest Vegan Restaurant

“I never thought this was where I’d end up with my life,” restaurateur Ravi DeRossi tells me over the phone during our hour-long interview. Indeed, the 40-year-old owner of Death

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Moby’s New Vegan Restaurant Is Finally Opening This Month

Moby chats with the L.A. Times on his much-anticipated vegan restaurant, Little Pine, which will open its doors in Silver Lake, California on Nov. 19. A decade after calling it

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