study shows milk can lead to increased chance of bone fracture, mortality and cancer

Study Links Milk to Higher Mortality and Bone Fracture Rates

Petition Asks Ben & Jerry’s to Make a Vegan Ice Cream

A couple from Charlottesville creates a petition asking Ben & Jerry’s to produce a dairy-free ice cream.

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Alicia Silverstone Talks Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Actress Alicia Silverstone certainly isn’t “Clueless” when discussing the positives of a cleaner and healthier vegan lifestyle. In Miami at the vegan Seed Food and Wine Festival, the long-time vegan chatted

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Usher Found Being Vegan Too Expensive

Usher is no longer vegan because he found the healthier diet and lifestyle too expensive. But there’s more to this story. Usher wasn’t just eating fruits, veggies and grains like

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Study Links Pet Ownership to Animal Compassion, Veg Diet

A new research study shows that if kids have pets in their early years, they show a higher compassion for animals later in life – and may even be more

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CA School to Become First Vegan School in the Country

The United States will have its first ever all vegan school in 2015.

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Jessica Chastain Buys Her Mom a Vegan Food Truck

The Oscar nominee got her mom not only to become vegan with her delicious recipes but also to change careers and become a vegan chef.

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