annie's now sells vegan mac and cheese

Annie’s Now Sells Vegan Mac And Cheese

‘Blue Bunny’ Testing Four Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

The largest ice cream maker in America is currently testing four different flavors of non-dairy ice cream. Shortly after Ben & Jerry’s announced it will roll out a vegan flavor

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Tesla Actually Already Offers a Full Vegan Interior

A new report shows the car company is the only luxury brand to a offer a completely vegan interior in a vehicle. In the last two weeks, Tesla was approached

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Top 5 Vegan Cheeses You Need to Try Right Now

A delicious, satisfying dairy-free cheese has often alluded vegans. Too runny or too hard, not cheesy or stretchy enough are common complaints. Sadly, few vegan alternatives lived up to the

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Beyond Meat Launches Instagram Cooking Competition

Beyond Meat, the producer of veggie friendly meat substitutes, has launched a competition to find the best vegetarian chef that can showcase their talents in up to 15 seconds. The

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Kite Hill’s Vegan Cheese A Rising Star in Grocery, Culinary Circles

Kite Hill’s vegan cheeses taste so much like the real deal that Whole Foods signed an exclusive deal with the dairy-free cheese maker. Kite Hill is a Hayward, California-based company, which

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TEDx Talk on Ditching Meat One of The Most Watched

A TEDx talk that discusses the absurdities of eating meat and encourages people to go vegan has made it to the one percent most watched. In her talk ‘Beyond Carnism

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