The Swedish furniture store announced this week that it will soon offer vegan "meatballs" on its menu.

IKEA To Debut Vegan Meatballs in April

Boston Yeti: ‘I’m a Vegan’

Snowmaggedon might have inconvenienced quite a few people in the Northeast in the last week, but the silver lining was that a new character emerged: The Boston Yeti. The mythical

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NFL’s David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Party Menu

David Carter might not be playing on Sunday’s Superbowl, but he will (like pretty much everyone else) be watching and snacking. Like a superstar, though, the free agent athlete will be

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The Future of Sushi is Vegan

If it looks like fish and tastes like fish, it must be fish, right? Not necessarily. Tomato Sushi is turning tomatoes into tuna (kind of) and creating more sustainable, vegan

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Vegan Cheese Shop Opens in LA

West coast vegans, your prayers have been answered! A vegan cheese shop has opened its doors in Los Angeles. The man behind this genius idea is chef Youssef Fakhouri who

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Pioneering Vegan Resturant to Close its Doors in April

A vegan institution in San Francisco, the beloved Millennium Restaurant will be closing its doors after serving delicious vegan food since 1994. The restaurant announced their closure after receiving word

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Little Choc Apothecary is NYC’s First All Vegan Creperie

Imagine the perfect vegan crepe. What would be inside? Chocolate? Fruit? Maybe something savory, like herb-roasted mushrooms or seitan with caramelized onions. If you’re in New York City, go to

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