PETA recently touted Sublime, a vegan restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as the number-one celebrity vegan dining spot in the U.S.

PETA Says Sublime Is the Number One Celebrity Vegan Restaurant in the U.S.

FDA Warns Plant-Based Just Mayo is Misleading

A popular plant-based product may soon be looking for a new name, as the Food and Drug Administration has stated Just Mayo is in violation of federal regulations. That’s because

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Vegan Ironman Champ John Joseph on Why Meat Is Still For Pussies

Punk singer and athlete John Joseph spoke to Metro about the success he’s had due to his plant-based diet and why he thinks meat is for pussies. The Cro-Mag frontman is

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NYC Restaurant Sued By Investors For Going Vegan

First GustOrganics received hate mail for going vegan, and now they’re being sued by investors for the same “crime.” Investors in the West Village health food eatery filed a lawsuit against the manager

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UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt Switches to Vegan Diet

Heavyweight legend Mark Hunt appears to be switching over to a vegan diet after watching an animal cruelty video on Facebook. The ‘Super Samoan’ reposted the video from Last Chance

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How an NFL Star Maintains a 10,000 Daily Calorie Vegan Diet

David Carter, a 300-pound NFL defensive lineman with the Chicago Bears, is leaner and faster now than when he ate animals and their byproducts. GQ Magazine is running a feature on

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Q&A With World Peace Yoga’s Anna Ferguson and Vegan Chef Mark Stroud

For the tenth anniversary of Dr. Will Tuttle’s groundbreaking book, “The World Peace Diet,” Culinary Olympic award-winning vegan Chef Mark Stroud and nationally renowned yogini and founder of Cincinnati’s World

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