Bill Gates on Why Vegetarian ‘Meats’ Are the Future of Food

by Ali Berman

Philanthropist Bill Gates took to his blog to explore the environmental impact of meat consumption, and perhaps most importantly, alternatives to eating animals.

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Make This Delicious and Healthy Vegan Crème Brûlée

by Aylin Erman

I love this dessert idea because it takes a lot of the fat and sugar out of regular crème brûlée

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Guess How Long Ozzy Osbourne’s Vegan Diet Lasted

by Michael dEstries

Back in September, to the surprise of likely no one, we reported that Ozzy Osbourne had given up his vegan ways in favor of the meat-heavy Atkins diet. The 64-year-old

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Carrie Underwood Says Dining Out as Vegetarian is Easy

by Allyson Koerner

Country singer Carrie Underwood reveals being a vegetarian is easy, and she tries her best to practice veganism.

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15 Vegan Cookbooks That Will Rock 2013

by VegNews

By Colleen Holland | With more vegan cookbooks than ever hitting store shelves this year, it was a nearly impossible feat to narrow down my most-anticipated list to just

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Start Your Morning with Easy Vegan Pancakes

by ecosalon

Who doesn’t love a short stack of pancakes? There’s more reason to give ‘em a try now, with this vegan pancake recipe makeover.

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Make These: Vegan Coffee Muffins with Mexican Cocoa Glaze

by Ashlee Piper

I was gonna call these puppies “Dunkin’ Fauxnuts” muffins because they combine all of the things one might love about a donut shop experience:

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