Coming Soon in Toronto: All Vegetarian Food Bank

Former Burger King Chairman Starts Veg Food Company

You know the benefits of meat-free eating are really sinking in when a former Burger King chairman switches gears and starts a vegetarian food company! Brian Swette (also a former

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Compassion in World Farming Exposes the Lies Behind ‘Humane’ Marketing

As you stroll down the meat aisle of your local grocery store, a package of chicken catches your eye. You see an image of a green field on its label

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Study: Mediterranean Diet Can Keep You Young

More scientific evidence has been released showing the benefits of adhering to a Mediterranean diet. A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that people eating lots of fresh

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Carrie Underwood Taking a Break From Veganism During Pregnancy

Country singer and mom-to-be Carrie Underwood is taking a break from her vegan diet as she awaits the birth of her first child. The former “American Idol” chatted with Yahoo!

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Guy Fieri Plugs Vegetarian Diet (Seriously)

Is Food Network star, Guy Fieri, a vegetarian? Well, not quite. But he does think we should be eating more veggies. The bleached-haired, hot rod-riding restauranteur revealed some surprising facts

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Study Links Pet Ownership to Animal Compassion, Veg Diet

A new research study shows that if kids have pets in their early years, they show a higher compassion for animals later in life – and may even be more

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