Is Food Network star, Guy Fieri, a vegetarian? Well, not quite. But he does think we should be eating more veggies.

Guy Fieri Plugs Vegetarian Diet (Seriously)

Study Links Pet Ownership to Animal Compassion, Veg Diet

A new research study shows that if kids have pets in their early years, they show a higher compassion for animals later in life – and may even be more

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‘Walking Dead’ Cast, Crew Go Veg, Disgusted by Zombie Scenes

After fighting flesh-eating zombies on set, the cast and crew of ‘The Walking Dead’ don’t want any meat on their plates for lunch.

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James and Suzy Cameron to Open Vegan Restaurant in New Zealand

James Cameron and Suzy Amis-Cameron have announced plans to open a new vegan restaurant which will serve home-grown foods.

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Why You Should Cut Back on Meat for World Vegetarian Day

You can do your health and the environment a huge favor by cutting back on your personal meat consumption.

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Beyond Meat Offers Free Veggie Burgers to Fast Food Chains 

Now famous burger joints have absolutely no excuse for not offering a veggie option as Beyond Meat is giving their product for free to restaurants that decide to give them

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WATCH: Paul McCartney Wants You To Take the Meat Free Monday Pledge

Former Beatle and famous vegetarian Paul McCartney is asking us to ‘come together’ to take the Meat Free Monday Climate Pledge.

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