Paul McCartney: A Good Friday is a Vegetarian Friday

First Vegetarian Species Evolved from Meat-Eaters

The first ever vegetarian has been found and as it turns out, he was initially a meat eater.

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Peter Dinklage Became a Vegetarian for Love of Animals and a Girl

Although Dinklage has been a vegetarian for most of his adult life, he claims that he doesn’t frequent vegetarian restaurants and has given up on mock meats.

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Kellie Pickler Says Vegetarians Are ‘Aliens’ in North Carolina

American country music artist, Kellie Pickler, cooked up a vegetarian storm on ABC-TV’s “The Chew,” before her performance in Las Vegas later this week.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Superfood Quinoa

By Lo Lankford | Mmm, quinoa – a superfood with no fewer than six awesome health benefits. Let us count the ways we love you, quinoa! You… are a complete protein-rich

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Vegetarianism On the Rise in Sweden

New research shows that 10% of Sweden’s population eats a meat-free diet, and interest among meat-eaters is rising.

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Dark Chocolate Proves to Be Good for the Gut

While dark chocolate has been touted as a “superfood” for many years now, studies on the popular treat’s health benefits have been fairly vague. Recently, though, researchers have concluded that

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