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South San Francisco Schools Join Meatless Mondays

Factory Farm Undercover Investigator Shares his Experiences

Ever wondered what the life of an undercover investigator for factory farms is like? T.J. Tumasse, who did 15 undercover investigations from 2007 to 2013, decided to tell all about

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Mya Challenges Herself With Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

The singer and dancer embraces a healthy lifestyle through fitness, vegetarianism and veganism.

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Paul McCartney Wants Your Help Promoting Meat Free Monday

The former Beatle is asking people to submit photos to be included in the video for his new song ‘Meat Free Monday.’

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Subway Tests Out Vegan ‘Malibu Garden’

Subway is once again leading the way in making fast food chains vegan-friendly. The sandwich restaurant has introduced the all-vegan ‘Malibu’ sub to selected menus in California as a test

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Chris Martin Consciously Uncouples from Vegetarian Diet

Coldplay’s lead singer reveals he no longer practices vegetarianism by welcoming meat into his diet every now and again.

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Paul McCartney On the ‘Fine Art’ of Vegetarian Grilling

Summertime is grilling time for many people, and Sir Paul McCartney is among them. What does the proud vegetarian and animal rights advocate throw on his barbecue? That very question

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