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Subway Tests Out Vegan ‘Malibu Garden’

Chris Martin Consciously Uncouples from Vegetarian Diet

Coldplay’s lead singer reveals he no longer practices vegetarianism by welcoming meat into his diet every now and again.

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Paul McCartney On the ‘Fine Art’ of Vegetarian Grilling

Summertime is grilling time for many people, and Sir Paul McCartney is among them. What does the proud vegetarian and animal rights advocate throw on his barbecue? That very question

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PETA Crowns Jared Leto and Ellen Page as Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians

The two talented individuals and animal activists are walking home with PETA’s 2014 Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian award.

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14 Recipes for Turning Avocados Into OMGados

By Hilary Pollack | It’s no secret that vegans love avocado; with its creamy texture; mild, buttery flavor; and bright green hue, it enlivens and enriches virtually any dish. But what

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Nickelodeon Star Inspires Kids to Go Lean And Green

Daniella Monet, who starred in the network’s ‘Victorious’ made an appearance to kick off Houston’s ISD’s Lean and Green effort.

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Subway Tests Hummus As Meat-Free Option

Vegetarians and vegans alike will have more options when it comes to dining out thanks to Subway’s desire to appeal to changing eating trends. The sandwich giant debuted plant-based sandwiches in 2012

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