The folks at 20th Century Fox has partnered with Mail a Spud to let fans of "The Martian" ship an unpackaged potato through the mail to a friend.

‘The Martian’ Asks You to Send a Potato to a Friend

Leonardo DiCaprio Still Might Be Vegetarian, Threw Up Bison Liver

The question remains: is Leonardo DiCaprio a vegetarian, or isn’t he? The actor reportedly threw up on the set of his upcoming movie “The Revenant” after eating a bison liver,

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5 Vegan Ways to Enjoy Pumpkin Spice This Fall

We’ve all seen the memes: once the clock strikes midnight on September first, it’s pumpkin spice everywhere. For vegans, however, there’s a sad piece of news: the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Not Surprising: A Diet Rich in Veggies Could Slow Cognitive Decline

Just another reason to eat your veggies: a new study says that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, beans, berries, whole grains and wine could protect against further cognitive decline

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Amy’s Kitchen Opens First U.S. Organic Drive-Thru

It’s rather surprising it took this long, but at last, in California, we now have the first U.S. drive-thru restaurant that is completely organic and vegetarian. Amy’s is located in Rohnert

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Tel Aviv Named Top Destination for Vegan Travelers

Vegans around the world, prepare to buy a ticket to Israel because Tel Aviv is the top destination for vegan travelers. U.S. food website The Daily Meal named Tel Aviv the

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Arby’s Taunts Vegetarians with Hotline Gimmick

With cheekiness and condescension, the fast food chain Arby’s, one that prides itself on its selection of former living animals on its menu, has reached out to vegetarians. Instead of

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