A key takeaway from Dan Buettner's new book, "The Blue Zones Solution," is that, in order to live a long and healthy life, it's your diet that matters.

Want to Live Past 100? New Book Recommends a Diet Rich in Mostly Plants

WATCH: Dr. Tushar Mehta Discusses Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

If you ever wanted to know the science behind the benefits of switching to a vegan diet, then Dr. Tushar Mehta‘s video seminar is for you. Mehta spoke about the

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Moby To Open Vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles

Moby has already told the world they should all eat vegan but now he’s taking it a step further by providing people a place to do so. The vegan musician

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Iconic London Veggie Eatery To Close in June

Another great vegetarian restaurant is closing its doors because of location issues. Food For Thought, which has been serving all natural, unprocessed vegetarian food to customers in the Covent Garden

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Famed Millennium Vegan Restaurant Plans A Comeback

The chef of San Francisco’s vegan institution, Millennium Restaurant, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new location, and a new start. Earlier this year, the famed restaurant, which was

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James Cameron’s Vegan Food Store Opens in NZ

James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis Cameron’s vegan food store has opened its doors in New Zealand and business is booming. “There definitely seems to be a market, and not

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Mayors Countrywide Urge People to Go Vegan for 1 Day

Mayors across the country are encouraging their citizens to go vegan for a day on Friday, March 20th, for National Meatout Day. Organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM),

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