If your kids are curious about to learn more about the environment around them, then you might want to consider sending them to the Vegetarian-Eco camp

Exclusive: Send Your Kid to Veg-Eco Camp This Summer

Study Finds that 10% of Americans Follow a Vegetarian-Inclined Diet

According to a study recently published in the Vegetarian Times, 3.2 percent of Americans, or approximately 7.3 million people, are now following a vegetarian diet. A full 10 percent of

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Jamie Oliver Is Now a Part Time Vegetarian

Chef Jamie Oliver is well known for his push for a healthier diet at home and, for children, at school and now he’s walking the walk by going vegetarian as

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Researchers Discover T-Rex’s Vegetarian Cousin

Seeing images of a T-Rex on ‘Jurassic Park’ ruthlessly trying to eat humans and other smaller dinosaurs, it is hard to believe that a member of his family could be

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Want to Live Past 100? New Book Recommends a Diet Rich in Mostly Plants

If you’re looking to live a centenarian lifestyle, you should reach for greens and beans. One of the key takeaways from Dan Buettner’s new book, “The Blue Zones Solution,” is

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WATCH: Dr. Tushar Mehta Discusses Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

If you ever wanted to know the science behind the benefits of switching to a vegan diet, then Dr. Tushar Mehta‘s video seminar is for you. Mehta spoke about the

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Moby To Open Vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles

Moby has already told the world they should all eat vegan but now he’s taking it a step further by providing people a place to do so. The vegan musician

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