A new study says that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, beans, berries and whole grains could protect against further cognitive decline in old age.

Not Surprising: A Diet Rich in Veggies Could Slow Cognitive Decline

Amy’s Kitchen Opens First U.S. Organic Drive-Thru

It’s rather surprising it took this long, but at last, in California, we now have the first U.S. drive-thru restaurant that is completely organic and vegetarian. Amy’s is located in Rohnert

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Tel Aviv Named Top Destination for Vegan Travelers

Vegans around the world, prepare to buy a ticket to Israel because Tel Aviv is the top destination for vegan travelers. U.S. food website The Daily Meal named Tel Aviv the

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Arby’s Taunts Vegetarians with Hotline Gimmick

With cheekiness and condescension, the fast food chain Arby’s, one that prides itself on its selection of former living animals on its menu, has reached out to vegetarians. Instead of

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Pamela Anderson Launches ‘Sensual Vegan’ Cooking Show

Pamela Anderson has launched her very own online cooking show where she and her friend Delahna Flagg make easy vegan meals. “You only learn how to cook from your parents

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WATCH: A Five-Year-Old Girl Tearfully Explain Why She’s a Vegetarian

“I don’t really wanna eat the animals,” Indie-Rose, a five-year-old Dublin girl, cries out in a video which was first shared to Facebook on July 3. The child’s heartfelt plea was triggered

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Miley Cyrus Named 2015’s Sexiest Vegetarian

That was fast! Just weeks after announcing to the world she is a vegan, Miley Cyrus has been named the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015 by PETA. “After hearing the

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