6 seasonal superfoods to try this winter with recipes

6 Winter Superfoods to Try this Season + Recipes

Vegan-Friendly Franchise LYFE Kitchen Opens Location in NYC

Last month, on December 1, LYFE Kitchen opened its first location in New York City, its 14th to date since launching in 2011. Some may have missed this news due

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The Golden Globes Menu Includes Delicious Vegetarian Options

Leave it to Hollywood to serve up delectable and healthy food during a special occasion. The Golden Globes menu was unveiled this week, and, yes, veggie options are available. The

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White Castle Cooks Up New Veggie Burgers

White Castle has finally answered the prayers of vegetarians. On December 30th, the fast food joint released new veggie burgers on its menu. Technically, since White Castle is king of

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Coming Soon in Toronto: All Vegetarian Food Bank

Bringing healthy, eco-conscious, cruelty-free food to those in need. That’s the mission behind an all-vegetarian food bank, slated to open in January 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Food Banks Canada reported

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Former Burger King Chairman Starts Veg Food Company

You know the benefits of meat-free eating are really sinking in when a former Burger King chairman switches gears and starts a vegetarian food company! Brian Swette (also a former

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Compassion in World Farming Exposes the Lies Behind ‘Humane’ Marketing

As you stroll down the meat aisle of your local grocery store, a package of chicken catches your eye. You see an image of a green field on its label

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