The tunnel of love in the Ukraine developed naturally along a train track.

14 Incredible ‘Living Tunnels’ Around the World

Top 10 Historic Vegetarian and Vegan Olympians

Meat-eaters are not the only worthy Olympians. Here is our list of 10 historic vegetarian and vegan Olympians.

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The World’s 8 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens

These cultivated jewels can be found around the globe, and feature an amazing array of plants, water features and indoor habitats.

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10 Wild and Wacky Animal Mating Habits

The ways that some animals have learned to attract mates and reproduce are downright weird.

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7 Strange and Beautiful Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants exist all over the world and love digesting on all types of insects for nutrients.

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Leto, Panettiere and More Come Out to Support WildAid

If you were in San Fransisco on Friday night, we hope you were at WildAid’s gala supporting a fantastic organization and schmoozing with the stars.

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H&M Expands Eco-Collection for Spring and Summer

H&M adds eco-friendly red carpet looks to spring fashion collection

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