When Belgians were ordered to not tweet about any police activity during a city-wide lockdown in Brussels, they tweeted the next best thing: cats.

Belgians Flood Twitter With Cat Pics Amidst Lockdown

Scaring Your Cat With a Cucumber Can Cause ‘Psychological Problems’

Viral videos of spooking cats with cucumbers have been all the rage recently, but, in reality, cucumbers and cat do not mix. The videos show mischievous owners scaring their kitties

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WATCH: Stray Cats Take Over G20 Stage

Cats really are taking over the world. Three stray cats managed to breach security and literally upstage world leaders at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday. A live

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Loyal Dog Stands Guard By Stray Friend Killed By Car

Get your tissues out. A heartbreaking photo of a devoted dog from Dallas who refused to leave the side of his dying canine friend has gone viral. The loyal dog,

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‘Hugging Pups’ Find Their Forever Home

Here’s your afternoon “aww.” A pair of pups, who found fame after a photo of them “hugging” went viral in the summer, now have a forever home — together. The

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Instagram Star Quits Social Media to Focus on Positive Change, Veganism

Australian 18-year-old Essena O’Neill, who amassed a huge following across social media, abandoned all platforms this week to focus on positive changes, including veganism. The teen is gaining all sorts

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Wheelchair Kitten Ditches Wheels for His Own Two Paws

Get ready for your afternoon cry. A cat named Cassidy, who had been born without back legs and was recently treated to a customized wheelchair, is now walking on his

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