From tinsel to turkey to trains, Ecorazzi rounded up all you need to know in order to keep your pets safe and happy this holiday season. eco-friendly holiday gift guide

Pet Safety Tips For the Holidays

Activists Petition Walmart to Get Rid of Toy Slaughter Truck

This is one toy that shouldn’t be given during the upcoming holiday season. Walmart sells a slaughter truck toy, and now animal activists are petitioning the company to stop selling

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Bill Nye Launches Science-Themed Fashion Line

Bill Nye…the Fashion Guy? The famous scientist is teaming up with Nicholas Graham, the creator and designer of Joe Boxer, for a bow tie line that’s inspired by — what

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In-Depth Interview with Owner of Manhattan’s Freshest Vegan Restaurant

“I never thought this was where I’d end up with my life,” restaurateur Ravi DeRossi tells me over the phone during our hour-long interview. Indeed, the 40-year-old owner of Death

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Wave of The Future? New Bikini Cleans Ocean As You Swim

Scientists in California have teamed up with design firm Eray/Carbajo to create a new kind of eco-beachwear that absorbs harmful contaminants. They call it the SpongeSuit — an itsy bitsy bikini that hopes

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Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan and Loving It

Liam Hemsworth gave an interview to Men’s Fitness magazine and let readers in the fact that he leads a vegan lifestyle and has even convinced his big brother to eat more

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New Vegan Meal Delivery Service Launched By Forks Over Knives

From the organization who gave us the inspiring film, “Fork Over Knives,” comes another plant-based initiative: a meal delivery service called Forks Fresh Meals. The delivery service consists of prepared vegan meals

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