Patagonia to Stop Purchasing Wool from Ovis 21

Stella McCartney to Stop Using Patagonian Wool Over Animal Welfare Concerns

Stella McCartney is no longer having the wool pulled over her eyes when it comes to the treatment of sheep in Argentina. The animal activist and designer will no longer

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World’s Largest Vertical Farm in New Jersey to Produce 2M Pounds of Produce

Newark, NJ is not known for its extensive farming grounds but it just might be in the future with the help of vertical farming. Start-up Aerofarms is currently building what

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Amy Rebecca Launches L.A.’s First 100% Vegan Shop and Event Space

Diehard vegan and fashionista Amy Rebecca is blending her two passions with Vegan Scene, a retail and event space that promises to be “one rad local spot” to hang out. Launching

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Study: Vegans Have the Lowest Daily Carbon Footprint

Just another reason to go vegan: new research shows a direct correlation between eating more plants and reducing your carbon footprint. The study, published in the journal ‘Climatic Change,’ analyzed the diets

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Ireland Baldwin Is Going on a 21-day Vegan Challenge

Model Ireland Baldwin is trying on vegan for a size. The daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger announced on her Instagram that she is committing to a 21-day vegan

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Tel Aviv Named Top Destination for Vegan Travelers

Vegans around the world, prepare to buy a ticket to Israel because Tel Aviv is the top destination for vegan travelers. U.S. food website The Daily Meal named Tel Aviv the

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