Moby Considers Remaking Animal Rights Tee from 1996

Joan Rivers Storms Out of Interview When Asked About Wearing Fur

Joan Rivers’ recent CNN interview came to a screeching halt after she was asked about wearing fur.

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Cow’s Milk Consumption Plummets, Studies Show

Data from the USDA shows a huge drop in cow’s milk consumption, which is great for cows and public health!

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Vegan Jenna Dewan-Tatum Will Raise Her Kid To Be Healthy

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is leading the way for vegan and meat eater mixed marriages on how to raise their children. The 33-year-old who stars in Witches of Eastwick is married to

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Emily Deschanel’s Two-Year-Old Son is ’99 Percent Vegan’

Emily Deschanel is raising her two-year-old son, Henry, with husband David Hornsby, to be “99-percent vegan.”

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New Harvard Study Links Red Meat To Breast Cancer

Before you take another bite of that hamburger, check out the latest research linking diet and the incidence of breast cancer by Harvard University. The consumption of red meat has

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Vegan Supermarket Chain to Come to US in 2016

Jan Bredack wasn’t always a passionate vegan. In 2011, the former meat-lover started the world’s first vegan supermarket chain called “Veganz“. Founded in Berlin, Germany, the business venture has proven

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