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Stella McCartney Launches New Eco-Collection

Vegan Fashion & Food Make Waves During New York Fashion Week

While New York Fashion Week is not known for showcasing ethical clothing and accessories, this season’s presentations featured three venerable vegan brands.

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Russell Simmons: ‘Do Yourself a Favor: Try Vegan’

Russell Simmons has tip for anyone looking for some good karma: go vegan.

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Opens ‘Clean’ Medical Facility

Jessica Alba opened a new Los Angeles medical facility aimed at researching environmental chemicals on children’s health.

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Investigation Shows Rabbits Tortured at Fur Farms for Major Designers

The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is in full swing but an undercover investigation is showing a much less glamorous side of fashion.

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Obesity Rates Across America Remain ‘Unacceptably High’

Despite an increase in awareness over the dangers of poor nutrition and little exercise, a larger percentage of Americans are heavier than ever before. Two new reports on the obesity

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South San Francisco Schools Join Meatless Mondays

The San Francisco Unified District has just joined the Meatless Monday movement and will not be serving any of its kids meat once a week.

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