monsanto advocate responds "I'm not stupid" when asked to drink a product he had just called safe

Monsanto Advocate Refuses to Drink ‘Safe’ Product

Eco-Friendly Luxury Star Trailers Take Off in Hollywood

Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are opting for eco-friendly trailers for their downtime during filming. The line of eco-friendly luxurious trailers, which are fueled by

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James Cameron’s Vegan Food Store Opens in NZ

James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis Cameron’s vegan food store has opened its doors in New Zealand and business is booming. “There definitely seems to be a market, and not

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Miss Universe NZ Asks Parliament to Ban Animal Testing

International model Anna-Lisa Christiane and Miss Universe New Zealand Rachel Millns went to their country’s Parliament this Monday to make a very special delivery: 90,000 signatures asking for cosmetics animal

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Al Gore Talks Green Life, Business, Vegan Diet 

In a new interview with The New York Times Al Gore talked green business, his green life, and vegan diet. After the huge success of ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ in which

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Eco Burial Pods Becoming More Popular

Most of us try to live our lives as green as possible but now there’s a way to continue to be green after death — literally. Thanks to Italian designers

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Vegan Doctor Launches Farm-Based Practice in NJ

A vegan doctor in New Jersey is shaking the medical world up, prescribing a plant based diet instead of pills for treating chronic diseases. Internist Ronald Weiss has been treating

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