Tesla shareholders Mark and Elizabeth Peters requested a “cruelty-free” vehicle from the car maker in June. Well, now it looks like they finally got one.

Tesla Shareholders Get Their Second Vegan Car

James Cameron Explains Why He Eats Vegan

In the latest issue of “Men’s Journal,” Oscar-winning director James Cameron pens an article detailing his decision to embrace a vegan diet four years ago, and why he has maintained the

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Ellen DeGeneres Under Fire For Launching Leather Shoe Line

Vegan Ellen DeGeneres recently launched a footwear line that will feature leather shoes, and, naturally, animal lovers are upset. The shoe line, called “ED by Ellen,” will feature leather boots and

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Toyota Unveils the Next Generation Prius

Toyota revealed its fourth-generation Prius this week in Las Vegas with the hopes of regaining its hybrid’s reputation. Not too long ago, owning a Prius meant something. It meant that

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5 Vegan Ways to Enjoy Pumpkin Spice This Fall

We’ve all seen the memes: once the clock strikes midnight on September first, it’s pumpkin spice everywhere. For vegans, however, there’s a sad piece of news: the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

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University of Oklahoma to Shut Down its Baboon Research

After years under scrutiny from animal rights organizations, the University of Oklahoma has announced it will phase out its baboon research program by 2019. The University’s facilities currently house 199

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Fusion Breaks Down the Vegan Condom Options

With most latex condoms being made with casein, a byproduct of dairy milk, it’s been difficult to be a vegan who wants to enjoy some cruelty-free sex (you know what

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