Study Finds Plant-Based Diets Lead to Weight Loss

Studies Confirm Sedentary Lifestyle Leads to Shorter Life

Move like your life depends on it, because it does! Studies confirm that a sedentary lifestyle leads to increased chances of health problems and a shorter lifespan. Simply put, the

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‘Compassionate Fatigue’ More Common in Shelter Workers

Every year, three to four million animals die in shelters across America because they couldn’t find a forever home. While that number is obviously disconcerting, it’s even more disturbing to

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Wendy’s Bans Soda from Kids Menu

The fast food joint Wendy’s just got a little healthier — for kids at least. While the restaurant responsible for the ‘Baconator’ and ‘Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger’ doesn’t evoke thoughts of

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Take a 20-minute hike and live longer

Want to live longer? Take a hike! British researchers have found that a brisk, 20-minute walk every day can reduce early death risks. After analyzing over 334,000 European men and

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Cats, Like Humans, are Fatter and Unhealthier Than Ever

Oh no! It looks like humans aren’t the only ones having health issues because of their diets. Cats are also showing more cases of diabetes and obesity than ever before.

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Entry Window for Suzy Amis Cameron’s “Red Carpet, Green Dress” Closes

Who will win Suzy Amis Cameron‘s “Red Carpet, Green Dress” contest? Your guess is as good as ours as this year’s fashion contest has now officially closed. The aim of

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