Emily Deschanel, a vegan since age 15, is raising her two-year-old son to be 99 percent vegan

Emily Deschanel: Don’t Buy Wool this Fall

Moby Considers Remaking Animal Rights Tee from 1996

Moby has been an animal rights proponent for a long time and he has the wardrobe to prove it.

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Joan Rivers Storms Out of Interview When Asked About Wearing Fur

Joan Rivers’ recent CNN interview came to a screeching halt after she was asked about wearing fur.

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Lily Cole Launches Eco-Friendly Shoe Line

The English model has partnered with the French eco brand Veja to release a new line of eco-friendly sneakers made with fair trade work.

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Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh: Unwashed Jeans Are More Sustainable

Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss, doesn’t want you to wash your jeans.

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Jessica Chastain Only Wears Faux Fur

Jessica Chastain stirred a bit of controversy this weekend when she was seen in a fur coat but do not fret. The coat, like the actress, is vegan.

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Dr. Martens Celebrates Earth Day With New Vegan Footwear

Dr. Martens celebrates Earth Day by introducing their new line of earth and animal-friendly vegan shoes and boots.

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