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Animal protein linked to diabetes.

New Study Reveals Link Between Animal Protein And Diabetes

Alicia Silverstone Talks Vegan Pregnancy in New Book

Alicia Silverstone’s new book teaches new moms how to pass a healthy vegan lifestyle on to future generations.

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Samuel L. Jackson Lost 40 Lbs After Going Vegan

Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t been following a plant based diet for long but he’s singing the praises of his new lifestyle.

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New Cookbook Features Celeb Recipes to Help Save the Planet

They say you are what you eat and a new cookbook is saying the Earth is actually what you eat as well. Young environmentalist and high school student Emily Abrams

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Researchers Say Eat Less Meat to Slow Climate Change

According to a recent Swedish study, the entire world may need to cut back on meat and dairy consumption in order to keep climate change in check. Although significant reforms

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Sixth-Annual White House Kitchen Garden to be Planted Tomorrow

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Michelle Obama brought back a vegetable garden to the White House South Lawn. The L-shaped 1,100-square-foot plot includes more than 55 varieties of

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Seven Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Is Better Than Five

Researchers from University College, in London say that eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables is healthier than five, which is the current recommendation.

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