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liam hemsworth is vegan

Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan and Loving It

New Vegan Meal Delivery Service Launched By Forks Over Knives

From the organization who gave us the inspiring film, “Fork Over Knives,” comes another plant-based initiative: a meal delivery service called Forks Fresh Meals. The delivery service consists of prepared vegan meals

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James Cameron Explains Why He Eats Vegan

In the latest issue of “Men’s Journal,” Oscar-winning director James Cameron pens an article detailing his decision to embrace a vegan diet four years ago, and why he has maintained the

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Fusion Breaks Down the Vegan Condom Options

With most latex condoms being made with casein, a byproduct of dairy milk, it’s been difficult to be a vegan who wants to enjoy some cruelty-free sex (you know what

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Hayao Miyazaki to Build Nature Sanctuary for Children in Japan

Legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki is bringing his enchanted visions to life by creating a nature retreat for children on a remote island in Japan. Located on Kumejima Island, which

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World’s Largest Vertical Farm in New Jersey to Produce 2M Pounds of Produce

Newark, NJ is not known for its extensive farming grounds but it just might be in the future with the help of vertical farming. Start-up Aerofarms is currently building what

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Amy Rebecca Launches L.A.’s First 100% Vegan Shop and Event Space

Diehard vegan and fashionista Amy Rebecca is blending her two passions with Vegan Scene, a retail and event space that promises to be “one rad local spot” to hang out. Launching

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