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Study finds that ten percent of Americans follow a vegetarian inclined diet

Study Finds that 10% of Americans Follow a Vegetarian-Inclined Diet

Helpline Offers Support for Burned Out Animal Activists

A new toll free helpline has launched to offer support and advice to animal rights advocates who are struggling with compassion fatigue. “Studies have shown that, in time, forty to

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Jamie Oliver Is Now a Part Time Vegetarian

Chef Jamie Oliver is well known for his push for a healthier diet at home and, for children, at school and now he’s walking the walk by going vegetarian as

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Beyonce: ‘Benefits of a Plant-based Diet Need to Be Known’

After Beyonce and Jay Z had a taste of vegan living in 2013, they have been living a plant-based inspired life and decided to launch a vegan food delivery service.

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Study Shows How Fast Heathy Diet Switch Affects the Body

A new study is showing people how fast switching to a healthier diet can positively impact them. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have released the results of a new

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Stanford Voted Best University for Vegan Students

The largest youth animal rights group in the world, peta2, has named Stanford University the “Favorite Vegan-Friendly Large College” in America. Each year, peta2 accepts applications from universities across the

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Chipotle Bans GMOs from Its Menu

Chipotle is bidding farewell to all GMOs in its continuous effort to simplify its menu and make its food the healthiest it can be. “There is a lot of debate

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