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WATCH: Russell Brand Wants Your Help Going (and Staying) Vegan

Steven Tyler Speaks Out Against Cruel Gestation Crates

Legendary Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is urging Massachusetts lawmakers to ban the extreme confinement of animals used for food.

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Pit Bull Alerts Sleeping Deaf Boy to Fire

A 2-year-old pit bull named Ace heroically saved his deaf owner on Wednesday during a frightening house fire.  Firefighters were called to a home on the south-side of Indianapolis at

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If Weird Al Were A Sandwich, He’d Be Delicious (and Vegan)

Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new album and he sat down with the AV Club to answer important questions, like what kind of sandwich would he be? A vegan one!

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WATCH: Colbert Talks Legal Rights for Animals with Steven Wise

Steven Wise was a guest on the Colbert Report advocating for animals to have the same rights for justice as the humans who currently control them.

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Which City Is Home to the First All Vegan Food Truck Pod?

The world’s first all-vegan food truck pod recently opened and its geographic location may surprise you!

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Shark Week Hoax Video Scares Swimmers in Lake Ontario

Discovery Channel has stepped up and stated that it was behind the video of a group of friends who spotted a shark while fishing near Wolfe Island.

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