Pamela Anderson publicly decried Canada's animal transport regulations in light of an undercover investigation by Mercy for Animals Canada.

Pamela Anderson Wants Canada to Change ‘Archaic’ Animal Transport Laws

Photographer Snaps Stunning Shots of Nearly Extinct Species

Ever since we heard the documentary ‘Racing Extinction’ got a major financial backer, we’ve been counting the days for its release. We must not be the only ones because the

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Director Lee Daniels Might Open Vegan Soul Food Restaurant

Lee Daniels is known for his directing chops but he’s thinking of adding restauranteur to his resume. Actually, make that vegan restauranteur.

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Mayim Bialik Shows Vegans Can Enjoy Cheese Too

Mayim Bialik loves to remind her fans being vegan doesn’t mean a life of deprivation and on Sunday she showed them vegan cheeses to illustrate the point.

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Alicia Silverstone’s 3-Year-Old Son Enjoys Vegan Diet

Actress, author and vegan activist, Alicia Silverstone, explores her journey into motherhood in her new book, “The Kind Mama,” which explores raising children and inspiring them to be kind.

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Matt Lauria’s Vegan Diet Keeps Him in Shape for ‘Kingdom’

Matt Lauria stays in shape and maintains a healthy lifestyle thanks to his vegan diet.

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Hilary Swank Raising Rescue Dog Awareness With Thanksgiving Special

The Oscar-winning actress will co-host a FOX Thanksgiving special showcasing animal loving celebs and rescue dogs available for adoption.

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