The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TVMEB) has moved to revoke the license of a veterinarian who murdered a tabbycat with a bow and arrow.

Vet Who Shot Cat With Bow and Arrow Finally Loses Her License

Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin

An agreement between nations in Africa and Europe will set for a comprehensive plan to protect the Congo Basin, the second biggest rainforest in the world. Leading the way is

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Exclusive: Interview with Bob Comis of ‘The Last Pig’

For more than ten years, farmer Bob Comis provided a humane – even picturesque – life for the pigs on his farm. But throughout those years, he would often suffer

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‘The Martian’ Asks You to Send a Potato to a Friend

In a trippy — or perhaps, “space-y” — form of marketing, the folks at 20th Century Fox has partnered with Mail a Spud to let fans of “The Martian” ship an

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Leonardo DiCaprio Still Might Be Vegetarian, Threw Up Bison Liver

The question remains: is Leonardo DiCaprio a vegetarian, or isn’t he? The actor reportedly threw up on the set of his upcoming movie “The Revenant” after eating a bison liver,

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‘The Last Pig’ Presents Deeper Look at Humane Pig Farming

It was excruciating for Bob Comis to transport the last group of his pigs to the slaughterhouse. It was also the start of a compassionate journey for this farmer. Comis

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World’s Tiniest Porpoise Will Probably Go Extinct

Thanks a lot, poachers. Only 50 vaquitas are left in the northern Gulf of California, which would make it the first porpoise species to go extinct in North America in

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