Ian Somerhalder narrates UN's climate change documentary

WATCH: Climate Change Doc Narrated by Ian Somerhalder Released

Ricky Gervais: You Should Care For Animals’ Welfare

Sometimes sad stories about climate change and people hurting animals for fun can really get to our little animal loving and environment protecting hearts. Celebrities aren’t immune to that feeling

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Microsoft Co-Founder Backs New Eco-Documentary

Isn’t it great when people trying to save the Earth and its species partner up with powerful people willing to support them? The latest do-gooder duo to be formed is

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Morrissey’s New T-Shirt: ‘Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You’

Morrissey launches new merchandise shop, sells T-shirt reading: ‘Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You.’

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Seattle to Residents: Compost or Be Fined

The city passed a new ordinance allowing it to fine residents whose trash has a large amount of compostable waste.

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Obama to Create World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary in Pacific Ocean

President Obama used his presidential powers on Thursday to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean.

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Sea Shepherd to Protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

The Latin American Sea Turtles Association asked for Sea Shepherd’s help in protecting green, hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles’ nests in Costa Rica.

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