Curiosity’s Mars Landing Coming Live to Times Square

by Michael dEstries

NASA’s full technological prowess will be on display Sunday night when its latest Mars lander attempts to safely reach the surface. While there will be plenty of opportunities both online

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Elizabeth Gillies Explains How to Maintain Vegan Diet

by Allyson Koerner

The Nickelodeon star reveals struggles with vegan, gluten-free diet and how maintain faithful with healthy eating habits.

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Olivia Wilde: Veganism ‘Not Always Easy’

by China DeSpain

“Being vegan has at times been consistent, other times less so. It helps if you have the right support system,” says Wilde.

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Vegan Ice Cream: 7 Tips for DIY Glorious, Icy Goodness

by VegNews

By Jennifer Chen, Sizzling summer temperatures beg for ice cream scoops to add a chill to an otherwise blistering day. Yes, you could buy your own vegan pints, but what

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Ryan Seacrest to Produce Comedy About Jamie Oliver

by Kara DiCamillo

“Food Fight” is a comedy about Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution,” co-produced by Ryan Seacrest.

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Paul McCartney Supports Global Tolerance Don’t Judge Campaign

by Brook Bolen

Sir Paul McCartney has joined the Global Tolerance ‘Don’t Judge’ campaign to spread the campaign’s message of global and personal tolerance.

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Bill Nye Disappointed in Media Silence on Climate Change

by lindastcyr

Bill Nye wants everyone to talk about climate change in the upcoming debates.

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