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WATCH: Kanzi the Great Ape Builds Fire, Toasts Marshmallows

Go Vegan for Earth Day and Save the Planet

They say you should never start a new diet on a Monday because you’ll inevitably fail. Well, it’s a great thing Earth Day is on a Tuesday this year then

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Watch the Lyrid Meteor Shower on Earth Day

The annual Lyrid meteor shower will be at its peak visibility the morning of Earth Day.

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New Study Reveals Link Between Animal Protein And Diabetes

A recent study by the American Diabetes Association concluded that animal protein consumption is a major risk factor for diabetes.

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First Vegetarian Species Evolved from Meat-Eaters

The first ever vegetarian has been found and as it turns out, he was initially a meat eater.

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14 Species Still Struggling After BP Oil Spill

Four years later and the effects of the BP oil spill are still visible, says a new report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

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‘Sharknado 2′ Producers Raise Money for Shark Conservation

Are you passionate about shark conservation? How about over-the-top disaster horror films where man-eating marine animals terrorize ocean-side cities? Well, have we found the collaboration for you… The film production

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