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Great News! Hawaiian Monk Seal Numbers on the Rise

World Leaders Way Behind Schedule in Protecting the Earth

A new UN report shows that countries around the globe are way behind schedule on protecting the Earth, its resources and wildlife.

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Chimps Can Pass Down Knowledge, Culture to Peers

Humans tend to think our ability to build tools and pass down our culture to future generations sets us apart from all other living creatures, but a new study is

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Eighth Grader Invents Green Method of Cleaning Oil Spills

As a part of her eighth grade science project, Chythanya Murali has invented a revolutionary approach to cleaning up hazardous oil spills.

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Report Says Wildlife Population Has Been Cut in Half in 40 Years

WWF has just released a new report showing that humans are going through Earth’s resources at a much faster rate than nature goes to replenish itself.

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James Cameron on Climate Change: ‘We’re Not Too Late’

James Cameron spoke to NBC News on the issue of climate change and how he uses his films to get people closer to the cause.

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Study Finds Pet Chimps Struggle to Interact with Others

If there was any doubt that keeping a wild animal as a pet is a terrible idea, a new study has found chimpanzees kept as pets suffer considerable social problems

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