Reindeer Populations are Rapidly Decreasing

Study: Mediterranean Diet Can Keep You Young

More scientific evidence has been released showing the benefits of adhering to a Mediterranean diet. A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that people eating lots of fresh

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10 Percent of the World’s Population May Have Diabetes by 2030

With over 29 million U.S. citizens currently living with diabetes, this disease is no stranger to the American health dialogue. As medical advances allow people to live longer and the

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Yoga Boosts Brainpower, Kills Stress and Increases Happiness

It turns out that the benefits of practicing yoga may reach much farther than physical fitness, weight loss and increased flexibility. In fact, new research is suggesting that those who

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Chickens Help Reduce Elderly Loneliness, Depression

Elderly men in England are less lonely these days –– and it’s all thanks to some chicks. It all started in 2012 when one of the men living at a

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Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal

Poland is leading the bandwagon for a number of eastern European countries to shut down a United Nations target to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2100. On Sunday, the

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Galapagos Giant Tortoise Makes Comeback From Near-Extinction

Giant Galapagos tortoises that were driven to the brink of of extinction have made an epic comeback, a new study reveals. By the 1960s, the tortoise population on the isle

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