Growing clothing from a combination of plant matter and microscopic mushrooms could be a reality.

A Wedding Dress Made From Fungus Could Be a Reality

Scientists Produce Fake Rhino Horn to Stop Poaching

As the rhino population continues to dwindle around the world, scientists are thinking outside the box about how to save the endangered animals. The newest approach: to produce fake rhino

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Celebs Call on Obama To Veto Keystone Bill

More than 100 celebrities, including actors and musicians, united together Tuesday to urge President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. The famous names, including Neil Young,

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The Effects of Noise Pollution on National Parks and Wildlife

Think your neighborhood in the city is too loud? Do you ever get woken up at night by the sounds of traffic or airplanes or trains? Well, it turns out

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Bald Eagle Population Soars After Years of Endangerment

Appropriately timed for President’s Day, researchers have announced that the bald eagle population is once again on the rise after years of decline. “It’s hard to step away from the

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More Americans are Practicing Yoga Than Ever Before

New research shows that more people than ever are resorting to yoga and alternative holistic methods for health care in the United States. “The health practices of Americans tend to

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Frozen Zoo Looks to Revive Near-Extinct Species

It’s almost like something from Jurassic Park – almost. From the San Diego Zoo to the so-called Frozen Zoo travel the remains – eggs, sperm, and other genetic bits –

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