According to a new study, the Sumatran rhino is now considered extinct in the wild in Malaysia.

The Sumatran Rhino Has Gone Extinct in the Malaysian Wild

Total Solar Eclipse To Cover American Skies in 2017

If you like in the United States, mark your calendars for two years from now because the sky will be putting on quite the show on that day. On August

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Animal Activists Call For Cowbell Ban in Germany

What was once part of a tradition (and a hilarious SNL skit) may become history for a good reason as animal rights activists are calling for farmers to ditch cowbells

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Cats Declared a ‘More Successful Species’ Than Dogs

Score one for cat lovers. A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has concluded that cats are a “more successful” species than dogs. So

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African Golden Wolf is First New Canine in 150 Years

Looks like the jackals, the tricksters of traditional folklore, have fooled us once again. The golden jackals found across parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, are now

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Germany Breaks Own Renewable Energy Record

Germany has just broken its own record for the amount of energy generated by renewable sources in a day. On July 25th, the country generated 78 percent of its total

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World’s Largest Vertical Farm in New Jersey to Produce 2M Pounds of Produce

Newark, NJ is not known for its extensive farming grounds but it just might be in the future with the help of vertical farming. Start-up Aerofarms is currently building what

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