loggerhead turtle

USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles

Feds Want to Derail Protection Efforts for Wolverines

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is backtracking on a previous conclusion and looking to remove the wolverine from the list of protected species.

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Pope Francis on Environment Destruction: ‘This is Our Sin’

Pope Francis condemned the exploitation of the environment at a recent public appearance calling it a modern sin.

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Study Finds Emperor Penguins Are Adapting to Climate Change

A study published in the journal Ecography suggests emperor penguins may adapt better to the effects of climate change than researchers previously believed.

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Obama Aims to Create World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary

President Obama is revealing a plan on Tuesday to protect a great area of the Pacific Ocean, a move that will help preserve marine species by preventing anyone from fishing and exploring the ground for oil.

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Rehabilitated Orca Reappears with Healthy Calf

The first killer whale to be rescued, rehabilitated and successfully reunited with her pod has reappeared with her healthy young calf. The orca, dubbed “Springer,” was found orphaned and emaciated

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams Republican Climate Change Deniers

In a recent interview, the “Cosmos” host didn’t hold back when asked about his opinion on climate change deniers.

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