New PBS television series reinvents nature shows and explores human animal connection

This Upcoming PBS Series Isn’t Your Typical Nature Show

Study Reveals Earth is Moving Towards an Extinction ‘Danger’ Zone

Our planet is being pushed towards a dangerous new territory and human activity is to blame, says a recent study that further proves humans suck. The study, which was published

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Pope Francis: We Have ‘Slapped Nature in the Face’

Pope Francis has once again spoken out for the environment, this time saying that humans have ‘slapped nature in the face.’ The animal loving head of the Catholic church was

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Reindeer Populations are Rapidly Decreasing

Oh no! Don’t tell Santa but the reindeer populations are experiencing a rapid decrease worldwide. A new study published on the Journal for Nature Conservation has found that the number

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Study: Mediterranean Diet Can Keep You Young

More scientific evidence has been released showing the benefits of adhering to a Mediterranean diet. A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that people eating lots of fresh

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10 Percent of the World’s Population May Have Diabetes by 2030

With over 29 million U.S. citizens currently living with diabetes, this disease is no stranger to the American health dialogue. As medical advances allow people to live longer and the

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Yoga Boosts Brainpower, Kills Stress and Increases Happiness

It turns out that the benefits of practicing yoga may reach much farther than physical fitness, weight loss and increased flexibility. In fact, new research is suggesting that those who

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