Monarch Butterfly

Officials to Create ‘Butterfly Highway’ to Save Species

Injured Turtle Gets 3D Printed Beak, Eats Again

A turtle who had her jaw bones seared by a boat propeller in Turkey was bound to have to spend the rest of her life in captivity unable to feed

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Lab Monkey Breeding Farms Under Scrutiny in FL

Monkey breeding facilities in Florida are under fire after county officials investigate possible irregularities and locals push to have them completely shut down. “Who would want this? This is a

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In Dense Cities, Robot Pets May Find Popularity

From the laboratories in Melbourne University comes a bold, exciting, and also perhaps unsettling prediction about the way in which humans interact with animals in the future. In a study

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New Campaign Aims to Show Reality of Research Animals

Tens of thousands of animals are used in research labs in the United States every year and a new campaign aims to expose what they go through on a daily

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Researchers Discover T-Rex’s Vegetarian Cousin

Seeing images of a T-Rex on ‘Jurassic Park’ ruthlessly trying to eat humans and other smaller dinosaurs, it is hard to believe that a member of his family could be

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Wind, Solar Officially Take The Lead in Energy Production

The world is officially favoring clean energy instead of fossil fuels with more gigawatts being deployed by sources like wind and solar than coal, natural gas and oil combined. The

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