china using chicken and other farm animals to predict earthquakes

China Using Farm Animals to Predict Earthquakes

WATCH: Bill Nye Explains Climate Change With Emoji

Bill Nye the Science Guy uses the language of the Millennial generation — emoji — to make his point about climate change. Nye continues his quest for climate change reform

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Northern Lights Will Be Visible in Northeast, Northern Plain States This Week

A strong solar explosion over the weekend is causing the Northern Lights, a.k.a. Aurora Borealis, to be visible in parts of northern Europe and North America that normally can’t see

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The ‘Best Design of the Year’ Helps Save Animals Lives

The Design Museum in London has chosen its Best Design of the Year: a chip that replaces animal test subjects with a complex package of human cells. The life-saving chip, which is

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Science Says Watching Cat Videos is Good For Your Brain

Well, it’s official: watching internet cat videos will give you more than a case of the “LOLs.” A recent study says that watching frisky and fun felines can actually elevate

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Chinese to Use Monkeys in Head Transplant Experiment

Scientists in China are planning on breaking new ground soon, performing the first ever successful head transplant. Unfortunately, they will do so with subjects that do not agree to the

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Creates Science Scholarship

The cast and crew of the “The Big Bang Theory” have created a scholarship for science students seeking financial aid at the University of California in L.A. The Big Bang

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