oil spill

14 Species Still Struggling After BP Oil Spill

‘Sharknado 2′ Producers Raise Money for Shark Conservation

Are you passionate about shark conservation? How about over-the-top disaster horror films where man-eating marine animals terrorize ocean-side cities? Well, have we found the collaboration for you… The film production

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How to Watch the Blood Red Moon on April 15th

You might want to look up on April 15th because the moon will be something to see.

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New UN Climate Change Report Calls for Urgent Action

The United National scientific panel has released a report explaining the eminent risks of climate change and it’s not pretty.

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7 Million Humans Died in 2012 Because of Air Pollution

The World Health Organization announced that in 2012, over seven million people died because of air pollution, making it the eighth leading cause of death.

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United Nations Blames Humans for 2013′s Extreme Weather

The newest “Status of the Climate Report” from the United Nations states that global warming is predominately caused by human activity. The climate report for 2013 was based on data

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‘Bycatch’ Is Likely On Your Dinner Plate

According to a report by Oceana, consumers may be getting more than they asked for when buying fish at the supermarket or dining at their local restaurant.

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