A new study published this week suggests that New York City and the surrounding New Jersey shorelines are at greater risk for flooding due to climate change.

Study: New York City At Greater Risk of Flooding Due to Climate Change

Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Happening This Sunday

Mark your calendars this Sunday because we are in for a cosmic treat. On Sunday September 27, a rare supermoon lunar eclipse is occurring for the first time in 33

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Google Helps the Fight Against Illegal Poaching

The fight against illegal poaching has gone high-tech, thanks to Google’s new three-dimensional maps that help track elephants. The 3D maps use data from satellite tracking elephant collars, which not

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Marine Life Has Dropped By Nearly Half Since 1970, WWF Reports

If you think there’s plenty of fish in the sea, think again. A new report by the WWF released on Wednesday says that pollution, industrial fishing and climate change have killed

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University of Oklahoma to Shut Down its Baboon Research

After years under scrutiny from animal rights organizations, the University of Oklahoma has announced it will phase out its baboon research program by 2019. The University’s facilities currently house 199

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Bill Nye Condemns Alberta’s Tar Sands

Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ visited Alberta’s tar sands last week and, not surprisingly, described the experience as “depressive.” Nye took an aerial tour of mining areas in northern Alberta as

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60,000 Endangered Antelopes Mysteriously Die in Four Days

This past May, a large herd of saigas—a critically endangered antelope in Kazakhstan — completely died off in four days, and scientists had no idea why. Geoecologist Steffen Zuther and

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