Report Says Wildlife Population Has Been Cut in Half in 40 Years

James Cameron on Climate Change: ‘We’re Not Too Late’

James Cameron spoke to NBC News on the issue of climate change and how he uses his films to get people closer to the cause.

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Study Finds Pet Chimps Struggle to Interact with Others

If there was any doubt that keeping a wild animal as a pet is a terrible idea, a new study has found chimpanzees kept as pets suffer considerable social problems

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WATCH: DiCaprio Gives Passionate Speech on Climate Change at UN

The actor spoke at the United Nations Climate Summit and asked world leaders to take immediate action to save the planet.

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Seychelles Snail Thought Extinct, Found Alive

It was thought that the snail’s demise was a result of declining rainfall on Aldabra, and was widely considered to be one of the first series whose extinction was linked to global warming.

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UN Report: Climate Change is Real and Might be Permanent

The United Nations has released a new report on climate change and, unfortunately, it says that which we already knew: climate change is real, caused by humans and it’s not

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Man to Live in Melting Iceberg to Urge Action on Climate Change

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so a man has decided to go live on a melting iceberg for 12 months to document how urgent the issue of climate change

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