beagles are most used for animal testing

NV Bill Would Give Animals in Labs Chance For Happy Ending

Bad News: Only Two Intact Forests Left On Earth

Here’s a depressing discovery: a new study revealed that the world’s forests are more fragmented than ever. Researchers at North Carolina State University found that if someone were to be

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Teddy Bear-Esque Mammal Makes Rare Appearance

An adorable creature has made a rare appearance and conservationists are hoping its impossibly cute face will raise awareness of its endangered status. The Ili pika, a teddy bear faced

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Dog Kisses Might Be Good For Your Health

For those of us who adore receiving pecks from our pooches, here’s some good news: we might soon have scientific evidence that proves dog kisses are good for our health.

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CA Drought Might Make The Delta Smelt Extinct

While California is running out of water, a local fish is running out of time and may even go extinct. “Prepare for the extinction of the Delta Smelt in the

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Scientists Need Help Funding Anti-Poaching Drone Program

Poaching continues to be one of the biggest threats to wildlife in Africa but that won’t be the case for long if a team of scientists get the funding they

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Eco Burial Pods Becoming More Popular

Most of us try to live our lives as green as possible but now there’s a way to continue to be green after death — literally. Thanks to Italian designers

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