drone footage shows severity of california drought in video

WATCH: Drone Footage Shows CA Drought Severity

First Blue Moon Since 2012 Rising This Friday

Get ready to get outside on Friday because the first blue moon since 2012 will be gracing the skies. Now, so there’s no major disappointment here, the moon won’t actually

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Sir Patrick Stewart Needs Your Help Studying Whale Snot With Drones

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Or, rather, some bot. They’re called Snot Bots, tiny drones that fly into the cloud of spray exhaled from a whale when

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SeaWorld-Led Study: Captive and Wild Orcas Have Same Life Expectancy

A new scientific study that supports claims made by SeaWorld is coming under scrutiny from animal rights groups. Research concludes that orcas kept in captivity have the same life expectancy

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Study: Preserve Plant Life Or Humans Will Go Extinct

A new study by the University of Georgia shows a gloomy future for the human race if plants are not better preserved. Published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy

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China Using Farm Animals to Predict Earthquakes

The Chinese city of Nanjing has transformed seven farms into earthquake research centers for the government. According to local media reports, the farms report the animals’ behavior twice a day

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WATCH: Bill Nye Explains Climate Change With Emoji

Bill Nye the Science Guy uses the language of the Millennial generation — emoji — to make his point about climate change. Nye continues his quest for climate change reform

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