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The Pittsburgh Zoo's use of dogs herding elephants is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture after a complaint made by PETA.

Pittsburgh Zoo Criticized For Using Dogs to Herd Elephants

USC Study Says Vegan Diet Helps Most with Weight Loss

A recent study at the University of South Carolina shows that people lose more weight while on a plant-based diet — as if we needed another reason to go vegan.

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Chickens Help Reduce Elderly Loneliness, Depression

Elderly men in England are less lonely these days –– and it’s all thanks to some chicks. It all started in 2012 when one of the men living at a

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Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal

Poland is leading the bandwagon for a number of eastern European countries to shut down a United Nations target to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2100. On Sunday, the

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Quebec Fur Farmer Charged with Animal Cruelty

A Quebec fur farmer has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty and neglect after an undercover investigation by the Montreal SPCA. The accused, Jean-Luc Rodier, faces charges related

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Dying Woman Reunited with Beloved Horse

Get ready for a tear-jerker. A dying woman’s final wish was granted when she was reunited with her favorite horse, hours before she passed away. Sheila Marsh, from Lancashire, England,

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How ‘Constantine’ Star Charles Halford Stays Fit on a Vegan Diet

Who says you can’t be the brawn on a plant-based diet? Not actor Charles Halford, who credits his vegan diet for staying fit — and bulking up. The character actor,

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