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Vegan shoppers should head west to Portland, home of the world's first vegan mini-mall.

Portland Is Home To the World’s First Vegan Mini-Mall

Bruce Almighty Cat Celebrates ‘Amazing Recovery’

Former-abused-cat-turned-celebrity Bruce Almighty is bandage-free and on the road to recovery. The black-and-white cat caught the world’s attention earlier this year when he was discovered in Regina, Canada with electrical

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Film Review: The Shore Break

The Shore Break sets up a serious and determined fight immediately. On the one side, a woman declares that she will die for her land, and that she will not

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Study Shows How Fast Heathy Diet Switch Affects the Body

A new study is showing people how fast switching to a healthier diet can positively impact them. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have released the results of a new

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Store Secretly Replaces Animals with Rescues, Love Ensues

Despite existing evidence that shelter animals rock and make for awesome pets, many people still think that buying a pet in a better idea so a rescue organization in Brazil

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Madison Square Garden Goes Vegan For Morrissey Concert

Don’t mess with Morrissey. Madison Square Garden has given into the diehard vegan’s request to ban all meat, fish and dairy at his upcoming performance next month. This is not

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Sea Lion Pup Rescued From the Streets of San Francisco

A lost and sick sea lion pup named Rubbish was found wandering the streets of San Francisco on Thursday. During the early morning hours on Thursday, little guy was trapped under

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