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Featuring more than 19 million acres of nearly uninhabited land, this arctic refuge is home only to sounds of nature.

World Leaders Way Behind Schedule in Protecting the Earth

Neil Diamond Adopts Pup from New Music Video

Singer Neil Diamond adopts dog from music video adding onto his already adorable and loving brood.

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Canada Says Field Roast’s Fake Meat Must Be Tested on Animals

The CFIA has forced Field Roast Grain Meat company to cease distribution of its vegan products because they haven’t been tested on animals.

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Ricky Gervais Wants to Expose Animal ‘Horrors’

Comedian and animal-lover, Ricky Gervais, took to his Twitter account yesterday to raise awareness on the horrors of animal testing.

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WATCH: Julia Roberts Is Mother Nature and She’s Not Happy

Julia Roberts voices Mother Nature in the new environment-friendly campaign, Nature Is Speaking.

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Bellamy Young’s ‘Scandal’ Fried Chicken is Actually Vegan

Bellamy Young admits the fried chicken that her character is eating on “Scandal” is actually vegan.

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Simon Cowell Hopes to Announce Project That Will Help Captive Dolphins

Simon Cowell has announced he’s hoping to bring the issue of dolphins and whales in captivity to a “mass audience” following a recent “X Factor UK” controversy.

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