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A South Carolina cat, who had been missing for two years, was finally discovered in the back of a U-Haul trailer in California.

Missing South Carolina Cat Found in California U-Haul

PETA Calls On Live Earth To Serve Only Vegan Food

PETA is urging Kevin Wall, Al Gore, Pharrell Williams to heed Live Earth’s own advice to reduce carbon emissions by serving only vegan meals at worldwide events. Earlier this year, the

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Celebs Get on on the Twizzler Challenge For Autism

Celebrities alike — from Lena Dunham to Kathie Lee Gifford — are locking lips and munching on Twizzlers, all in the name of charity. The Twizzler Challenge is the “hotter”

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Seth Rogen’s Hilarity For Charity Helps Families Living With Alzheimer’s

Over a hundred families coping with Alzheimer’s Disease will receive in-home care thanks in part to comedian Seth Rogen‘s Hilarity for Charity. Last year, Hilarity in Charity, a movement led by

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The World Vegan Summit & Expo Comes to Los Angeles

Vegan activists and friends will come together in Marina Del Ray, California this weekend to discuss and celebrate all things vegan at the World Vegan Summit & Expo. The summit

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CA Drought Might Make The Delta Smelt Extinct

While California is running out of water, a local fish is running out of time and may even go extinct. “Prepare for the extinction of the Delta Smelt in the

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Al Gore Talks Green Life, Business, Vegan Diet 

In a new interview with The New York Times Al Gore talked green business, his green life, and vegan diet. After the huge success of ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ in which

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