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The IFC comedy skewers SeaWorld for keeping whales in captivity.

WATCH: Portlandia Takes Aim At SeaWorld

Rare Red Fox Photographed in Yosemite

Making its first appearance in nearly 100 years – that’s a long time to wait – the red fox has stepped out into snowy Yosemite National Park for a welcome

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Boston Yeti: ‘I’m a Vegan’

Snowmaggedon might have inconvenienced quite a few people in the Northeast in the last week, but the silver lining was that a new character emerged: The Boston Yeti. The mythical

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NFL’s David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Party Menu

David Carter might not be playing on Sunday’s Superbowl, but he will (like pretty much everyone else) be watching and snacking. Like a superstar, though, the free agent athlete will be

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Students Create ‘Ranger Drone’ to Protect Rhinos in South Africa

As poaching rates for rhinos keep growing in South Africa, officials are looking for outside-the-box solutions to save the endangered animals. Surprisingly, one group of students might just have found it.

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WATCH: The Super Bowl Spay/Neuter Ad Which Airs During the Kitten Bowl

Bob Barker would approve. An adorably important commercial urging viewers to spay and neuter their pets will air during the Kitten Bowl this weekend. The commercial features live-action shots of

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Miracle Cat in Recovery After Rising From His Grave

Who hasn’t wished that their recently passed away pet would come back to life? A Tampa woman actually had that wish come true as her cat rose from the dead

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