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SeaWorld Entertainment's chief executive Jim Atchison announced Thursday that he is stepping down due in part to the impact of 'Blackfish'.

SeaWorld CEO Resigns After ‘Blackfish’ Backlash

260,000 Tons of Plastic Clogging World’s Oceans

A new study suggests that over 260,000 tons of plastic are floating in the world’s oceans. The study, first published in the journal PLOS ONE, was conducted by researchers from

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Oregon Will Sell a Massive Forest to Pay for Schools

For those in the market for a forest in order to save it, an opportunity has just opened up. The state of Oregon is getting ready to sell 92,000 acres

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Dog Shelter in Iran Helps Unwanted Strays

Iran’s only licensed animal shelter is the sole refuge for more than 500 dogs who live in a country where conservative laws have called for heavy restrictions on dog ownership.

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Young Lottery Winner Donates Entire Windfall to Animal Shelter

What would you do if you won on a scratch off lottery ticket? Pay your credit card bill, go on a shopping spree? A man in Dallas gave all his

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Take the New ‘Veganuary’ Pledge in January 2015

‘Veganuary’ is a worldwide campaign encouraging people to try out a vegan diet for 31 days in the new year. The idea behind Veganuary is quite simple in its genius: after

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Watch ‘The Ghosts In Our Machine’ for Free

Have a couple of hours to spare? For the next two days you can put them to good use by watching the critically acclaimed film ‘The Ghosts In Our Machine’

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