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Three stray cats managed to breach security and literally upstage world leaders at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday.

WATCH: Stray Cats Take Over G20 Stage

Exclusive: Interview with Pete Bethune of ‘The Operatives’

“The Operatives” are back with a brand new mission. The docu-series, which airs on Pivot, features famed eco-warrior Pete Bethune (“Whale Wars”) who assembled a group of highly trained, skilled, and motivated military

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Researchers Invented a Lamp Powered by Plants

Over 42 percent of people in the rainforest do not have electricity so scientists at the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) in Peru have come up with a way

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Good News: Rare American Squirrel Species No Longer Endangered

It took almost half a century but a rare kind of squirrel is now proverbially out of the woods and will be removed from the endangered species list in December.

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A Group of Kids Are Suing Obama Over Climate Change

A group of 21 children and teenagers are suing the Obama administration over climate change, which Slate calls “next important civil rights struggle of the 21st century.” The kids aren’t going

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Study: Grilled Meat Linked to Kidney Cancer

More bad news for meat eaters. A new study from the University of Texas’s MD Anderson Cancer Center has linked grilled and barbecued meat to kidney cancer. Unlike the recent

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UPDATE: ‘Mummified’ Baby Orangutan Now Looks Happy and Healthy

Last month we reported on the sad story of Gito, a baby orangutan who was left in a cardboard box to die. Now we are happy to report that he

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