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giant manta ray

Tangled Giant Manta Ray ‘Asks’ Divers for Help

Vegan Fashion & Food Make Waves During New York Fashion Week

While New York Fashion Week is not known for showcasing ethical clothing and accessories, this season’s presentations featured three venerable vegan brands.

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Alison Eastwood Is Raising Funds for 110 Rescued Research Chimps

Alison Eastwood, daughter to Clint Eastwood, lends a helping hand to 110 newly released chimpanzees.

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Opens ‘Clean’ Medical Facility

Jessica Alba opened a new Los Angeles medical facility aimed at researching environmental chemicals on children’s health.

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WATCH: Kevin Bacon Kisses Pit Bull For Charity

Kevin Bacon kisses his Pit bull Lily for Dog Park Publishing’s campaign celebrating the controversial breed.

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First Footage of Baby Elephant’s Miraculous Rescue Revealed

The first video footage of Gary Roberts rescuing a baby elephant after a horrible slaughter is revealed.

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WATCH: Rob Zombie and His Vegan Challenge Invade ‘Top Chef Duels’

Rob Zombie and two other rockers present hardcore vegan challenge on Bravo’s “Top Chef Duels.”

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