Tesla shareholders Mark and Elizabeth Peters requested a “cruelty-free” vehicle from the car maker in June. Well, now it looks like they finally got one.

Tesla Shareholders Get Their Second Vegan Car

India To Have World’s First 100% Solar Powered Airport

India is tackling its air pollution problem with a major investment in solar power, starting with the world’s first 100 percent solar powered airport. After having six of its cities

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BMW To Sell Only Electric Cars in 10 Years

BMW has announced that all of its vehicles will be electric within 10 years. The German auto maker has dedicated a lot of money and work in the last years

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Tesla Actually Already Offers a Full Vegan Interior

A new report shows the car company is the only luxury brand to a offer a completely vegan interior in a vehicle. In the last two weeks, Tesla was approached

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Delaware Unveils New Animal Welfare License Plate

Animal lovers in Delaware have a new way to help animals and flaunt their love while they drive with a brand new animal welfare license plate. The yellow plate with

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Elephants in India Mourn, Retaliate After Deadly Train Incident

To anyone who has ever argued that animals don’t have feelings, please share this story with them. Earlier this month, a train struck and killed an elephant in eastern India,

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Why I Invested in Fisker Automotive

Back in July, Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he was not only partnering with, but also making an investment, in green automaker Fisker. The 37-year-old said that going forward he would

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