bmw will sell only electric vehicles by 2025

BMW To Sell Only Electric Cars in 10 Years

Tesla Actually Already Offers a Full Vegan Interior

A new report shows the car company is the only luxury brand to a offer a completely vegan interior in a vehicle. In the last two weeks, Tesla was approached

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Delaware Unveils New Animal Welfare License Plate

Animal lovers in Delaware have a new way to help animals and flaunt their love while they drive with a brand new animal welfare license plate. The yellow plate with

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Elephants in India Mourn, Retaliate After Deadly Train Incident

To anyone who has ever argued that animals don’t have feelings, please share this story with them. Earlier this month, a train struck and killed an elephant in eastern India,

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Why I Invested in Fisker Automotive

Back in July, Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he was not only partnering with, but also making an investment, in green automaker Fisker. The 37-year-old said that going forward he would

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The Pope Finally Gets His Electric Car

Since late 2010, we’ve been hearing all about Pope Benedict XVI’s desire to score an electric car. Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, who runs the Vatican City state, said at the time that

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Daryl Hannah’s Badass El Camino Is Up For Auction Again

The biodiesel El Camino that made headlines and was owned by Daryl Hannah is up for auction.

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