vegan school

CA School to Become First Vegan School in the Country

WATCH: Carriage Horse Escapes, Runs through NYC

A new video of a horse running wild through the streets of New York has become activists’ latest example of why carriages need to be banned in the city.

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WATCH: Fisherman Rescues Drowning Eagle

Fishermen’s stories are famously unbelievable so one fisherman in Canada made sure to get his outlandish fishing story on video.

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WATCH: Adam Levine Gets Bloody As A Butcher in New Video

Adam Levine, who claims he follows an “85 per cent vegan lifestyle,” plays an obsessed butcher in the new video for Maroon 5′s “Animals.”

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Matt Damon Channels Bill Clinton to Raise Water Awareness

Matt Damon was talking about during a panel discussion when he used his thespian talents to add a little humor to the serious issue.

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Celebs Join Movement to Remember Euthanized Homeless Pets

The Remember Me Thursday event will have people from around the world lighting a candle for those pets that didn’t get a second chance at life.

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US Senator Involved in Killing of Hundreds of Pigeons

James Inhofe of Oklahoma who’s running for a fourth term participated in a fundraiser earlier this month where the main event was a pigeon shooting.

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