New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family promote municipal composting through a video

NYC Mayor de Blasio’s Family Promotes Brown Bin Composting

Eco Film ‘Mission Blue’ to Be Released on Netflix

Netflix is releasing ‘Mission Blue’, a documentary of the story of legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle and her incessant quest for saving the oceans.

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WATCH: Rescued Hens Touch Ground for the First Time

If you were looking for a reason to stop eating chicken and eggs, look no more. The California based group Animal Place recently rescued 500 hens from an egg farm.

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WATCH: Compassionate Diver Removes Hook from Shark’s Mouth

Diving with sharks takes some serious courage. Grabbing one of them by the tail and removing a hook from its mouth takes a lot more – but that didn’t stop

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Ariana Grande Thinks Bacon is ‘Disgusting’

Think you can’t live without bacon? Ariana Grande would not approve. The singer took to Twitter on Monday to make her feelings about the pig product very clear.

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WATCH: Russell Brand Wants Your Help Going (and Staying) Vegan

Russell Brand is a proud vegetarian who’s not afraid to promote the plant based lifestyle to whoever is willing to listen.

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WATCH: Colbert Talks Legal Rights for Animals with Steven Wise

Steven Wise was a guest on the Colbert Report advocating for animals to have the same rights for justice as the humans who currently control them.

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