drone footage shows severity of california drought in video

WATCH: Drone Footage Shows CA Drought Severity

WATCH: Brothers Save Injured Shark in FL

Two brothers saved an injured hammerhead shark in Destin, FL while beachgoers caught the entire rescue on camera. According to the video posted on YouTube by one of the brothers,

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Video Shows Captive Elephants Enjoying Classical Music

A new video making the rounds on the Internet shows a group of captive elephants showing emotion and swaying to the sounds of musicians playing classical tunes. Two musicians in

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Beyond Meat Launches Instagram Cooking Competition

Beyond Meat, the producer of veggie friendly meat substitutes, has launched a competition to find the best vegetarian chef that can showcase their talents in up to 15 seconds. The

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Two-legged ‘Bunny Cat’ Is The Latest Internet Star

Move over, Grumpy Cat, there’s a new feline that has taken over the Internet. Her name is Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux Hendrickson Deak Akey but she goes by Roux. She

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Greenpeace Sets American Landscapes on Fire in New Campaign

In a new anti-drilling campaign, Greenpeace sets some of America’s classic landscapes on fire to show the damage oil could cause to the country’s ecosystem. The 105 second video shows

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James Franco: Animals Are Someone, Not Something

He’s spoken out about captive orcas, he’s pledged to help chimps and now animal lover and actor James Franco is partnering up with Farm Sanctuary to help farm animals. The

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