james franco speaks out for farm animals

James Franco: Animals Are Someone, Not Something

Store Secretly Replaces Animals with Rescues, Love Ensues

Despite existing evidence that shelter animals rock and make for awesome pets, many people still think that buying a pet in a better idea so a rescue organization in Brazil

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Hate Drones? So Do These Chimps

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a drone. And a chimp at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands smashed one to pieces earlier this week. The chimp versus drone

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SeaWorld’s New Desperate Ad: Our Orcas Are Thriving

SeaWorld is still trying desperately to stop the Blackfish effect and its latest effort is an ad that claims its Orcas are “thriving.” The new ad is part of SeaWorld’s

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WATCH: Woman Teaches Cats Sign Language

We already knew cats were the best but a woman in Connecticut has turned hers into even more awesome creatures than usual. Kim Silva, a retired sign language teacher, taught

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Pamela Anderson Helps Expose Cruelty Against Chickens

Avid vegan and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has partnered with Mercy for Animals to expose gross cruelty against chickens. The actress narrates a video that features images captured in

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Rescuers Work Together to Save Lion Cub Abused by Circus

Vets and animal rescuers from around the world are working together to save an abused lion cub rescued from a circus. Magnus is a four-month-old lion cub that was born

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