Shelter Asks ‘Who Needs Who?’ in Heartwarming Video

Dog Rescued After Video Of Him Making His Bed Goes Viral

Staff at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, used to witness one of their dogs, a Pit bull named Rush, make his own bed every morning. Little did

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WATCH: Man Snuggles Up With Cheetah For A Nap

While some people travel to South Africa to hurt animals, others volunteer to take care of them. A cheetah recently caught on tape snuggling with the latter type shows she

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WATCH: Drone Footage Shows CA Drought Severity

New footage from drones released by the California Department of Water Resources shows just how bad the drought in California has affected the state’s landscape. Showing aerial images of Folsom

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WATCH: Brothers Save Injured Shark in FL

Two brothers saved an injured hammerhead shark in Destin, FL while beachgoers caught the entire rescue on camera. According to the video posted on YouTube by one of the brothers,

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Video Shows Captive Elephants Enjoying Classical Music

A new video making the rounds on the Internet shows a group of captive elephants showing emotion and swaying to the sounds of musicians playing classical tunes. Two musicians in

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Beyond Meat Launches Instagram Cooking Competition

Beyond Meat, the producer of veggie friendly meat substitutes, has launched a competition to find the best vegetarian chef that can showcase their talents in up to 15 seconds. The

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