woman teaches cats sign language

WATCH: Woman Teaches Cats Sign Language

Pamela Anderson Helps Expose Cruelty Against Chickens

Avid vegan and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has partnered with Mercy for Animals to expose gross cruelty against chickens. The actress narrates a video that features images captured in

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Rescuers Work Together to Save Lion Cub Abused by Circus

Vets and animal rescuers from around the world are working together to save an abused lion cub rescued from a circus. Magnus is a four-month-old lion cub that was born

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Rescued Chicken Purrs Like a Cat When Petted

Think your cat has a loud purr? This chicken might put your fur ball to shame. In a video posted by the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary in Australia, one

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Chickens Help Reduce Elderly Loneliness, Depression

Elderly men in England are less lonely these days –– and it’s all thanks to some chicks. It all started in 2012 when one of the men living at a

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WATCH: Patagonia Says No to Live Plucking Birds for Down

Patagonia is making a pledge to reduce the cruelty involved in obtaining down and hoping that other companies will follow suit.

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WATCH: Colbert Takes on the NRA’s Opposition to Pet Eating Ban

Thanks to the NRA people in Pennsylvania can eat their pets. Stephen Colbert tackled the subject in his show explaining how exactly that came to be.

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