Microist Day for Water.org: March 20, 2012

Give Your Status for a Cause

On March 20, 2012, Ecorazzi is holding our first #MicroistDay benefiting Water.org, a 4-star rated organization on Charity Navigator. On this day, we will dedicate our entire social media influence to spread the word about the water crisis, the solutions, and the work of Water.org to create safe and sustainable access to water for the nearly one billion people without it.

In order to make an even larger impact, we are forming a team of individuals and businesses that want to join us. Be a micro-activist with us and join us to be a Microist on March 20!

Goal #1: Increase followers for all of Water.org’s social media pages. (Yes, you!)


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Goal #2: Become a trending topic on Twitter (This would rock our world.)

Shower Drink Flush campaign

We have two hashtag campaigns for March 20. Though typically used in Twitter, hashtags also work in Pinterest and as a search term around the web, so use them everywhere!

#MicroistDay: Use this hashtag on any status update that you have related to this campaign. It will not only allow us to follow what’s going on, but will also provide a way for others that want to find out more.

#ShowerDrinkFlush: If you only spread one message all day, this is it. It sums up most of the work by Water.org: getting access to safe, sustainable water and the dignity of a toilet.

Three things most of the world can’t do: take a hot shower, drink a safe glass of water, & flush away yesterday’s dinner. #ShowerDrinkFlush

Goal #3: Reach new eyes across every social media platform about the Water Crisis.

Reach new eyes for Microist Day

No time? No problem! We provide suggested messaging for each of the major platforms. Feel free to use verbatim or simply as inspiration. We want you to reach out to your friends and followers on Microist Day. Only you know what will work best for your audience. Visit our Water.org Microist Day Resources page for our detailed recommendations for tweets, statuses, pins, and vids.

Goal #4: Provide access to clean water for more people

Donate to Water.org

Though Microist Day is not about fundraising, but rather about raising awareness, we would still like to contribute what we can to continue the work of Water.org. $25 provides one person with access to clean water for life. We’ve got 4 people covered; how about you?

If you’d like to make a donation, please do so here and it will be added to the Microist Day total!

Join Us: Be a Microist

Please fill out the form below if any of the following apply to you:

You love the idea of Microist. You want to participate in this and future Microist Days. You drink water. You feel fortunate. You would like to help a cause by being a micro-activist. Today is your birthday, or you will have a birthday sometime this year.

You are never under any obligation to do anything. We’ll keep you informed and hope that you choose to join us on Microist Day!

Don’t see a form? Technical issue, sorry about that. Here it is.

See our original Microist Day announcement and FAQ! If you want to be even more involved with Microist Day, have questions or suggestions, please contact us!

Visit the Resource Guide for the Water.org Microist Day