Open Positions: Blog, Attend Events, Design, & More

Here at Ecorazzi, we have a great time pulling the “good” out of celebrity gossip and entertainment news. In order to provide the most complete coverage possible on news and gossip related to celebrities and the environment or humanitarian issues, we need some help!

We are seeking people with all sorts of skill sets, all across the world. The catch: umm…we are pretty poor at the moment. For the time being, consider this a volunteer opportunity that allows you to use your gossip knowledge to fight evil. There will be opportunities in the future, of course, for small payments and swag. Additionally, we love to pimp our contributors! We will do what we can to send internet traffic your way, as well as promote your name in the online world.

All positions are part-time, volunteer, and typically flexible.

Open Positions:


Oh, how we need bloggers! Love watching TV & searching the net for the latest in green gossip? Want to tell the world about what you’ve found? Great, because we are looking for people interested in blogging for Ecorazzi!

We are ideally looking for a minimum contribution of one post per week. In order to apply, send a sample piece written specifically for us that is current, relevant to Ecorazzi, and new to our site. It should have appropriate links to references & sources, as well as a title. Also include information about yourself that we can publish (including a link to your own website, if you have one). We may publish it immediately, with credit to you, or we may discuss some edits or other changes.

Once we have received and published at least two trial pieces from you, then we will discuss adding you to the Ecorazzi team! Send your first sample piece to apply. We can’t wait to see it!

Field Reporters (Attend Events!), Photographers, & Video Producers

Do you live in a cool city and want to (or already do) attend cool, green events? Great! We get invited to all sorts of cool parties, product launches, and red carpets.

Writers: For this position, writers will need to attend an event with their own digital camera (audio recorders and small video cameras also a plus), and provide a post-event write up for Ecorazzi. Posts typically will need to be published within 12-24 hours of attending. A sample piece (as noted above in the blogger section) will be required to apply.

Photographers: You’ll need your own equipment, and ideally some event experience. Please send some links to your photos, or a portfolio, to apply.

Video Producers: You’ll also need your own equipment (and ideally a camera-mounted light if we are talking about red carpets). Ideally, we are looking for the shooting and editing of the video. Please send some links to some of your past work.

To apply, Email us with your sample post or portfolio, as well as some background info on yourself. Don’t forget to tell us where you live!


Don’t have time to write for us, but you get the goods on stories perhaps before we do? Become a resident tipster! This is a fun way to be involved and to use what you thought was useless knowledge from all of your talk show watching, magazine reading, party-going, “industry inside” information! Email us with some tips and info about yourself!

Programmers, Designers, & Twitter Guru

Programmers: We’ve got a couple of seemingly simple “code” projects that we’d love some help on!

Designers: We’d love to have some people on board that can help us design banner ads, new t-shirts, and more!

Twitterer: We’re loving Twitter, but could use some help. Send us a tweet if your style is writing in 140 characters or less!

If you are interested in these positions, please email us with some details about yourself!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Rebecca & Michael