Restaurant Week Application: Ecorazzi Eats

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Ecorazzi Eats Restaurant Week will take place on October 12 – 19, 2011 at Vegan, Vegetarian, and Sustainable restaurants nationwide (and beyond!).

Participation for any food establishment is free. We ask that you create an offer for the week and honor it. That’s it!

This week is meant to be an opportunity for your restaurant to receive nationwide exposure and build your brand recognition. We hope to build our brand with it, as well as offer some great deals to our readers in celebration of Ecorazzi’s 5th Anniversary.

Any social media love you give us, we will send love right on back to you! Fill in the application and we’ll get your listing live asap. Thank you!

**If you have any technical issues with this form, please contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or phone 305.747.1411 and let us know!**