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50 Cent Travels to Africa to Fight Hunger

by Erica Evans

In a trip sponsored by the (WFP) 50 Cent visited Somalia and Kenya to see first hand the devastation that the hunger epidemic is causing the African nations.

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50 Cent’s New Children’s Book Tackles Bullying

by lindastcyr

Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper 50 Cent, has launched a new children’s book that aims to tackle bullying. The book called “Playground” does not confront bullying from the victim’s

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50 Cent Plans to Feed 1 Billion Kids in Fight Against Hunger

by Ali Berman

While 50 Cent’s original plan was to feed 1 billion African children in five years, he’s revising it slightly. He thinks he can do it in two and a half

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50 Cent Aims to Feed a Billion Kids

by China DeSpain

50 Cent knows world hunger is a serious problem — and he has a plan to fix it. The rapper has teamed up with Pure Growth Partners to launch a

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50 Cent Writes Anti-Bullying Novel

by ecorazzicontributor

Bullying has become a huge epidemic in schools, and rapper 50 Cent is pulling from his own experiences of victimization to publish a novel which tackles the issue. The novel,

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African Charity Asks Rapper 50 Cent To Speak Up For Rhinos

by MPD

Poaching animals is never cool. Never! And eBlockwatch — a charity that helps communities in Southern Africa fight crime, including poaching — wants 50 Cent to help get the message

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50 Cent And Bette Midler Team Up To Restore Community Garden

by dana

It’s a little greener in New York City today, thanks to the combined efforts of Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project and rapper 50 Cent’s G Unity Foundation. The celebs

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