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Abbie Cornish Talks Up Her Vegan Style

by Ali Berman

If someone asked you to describe your style, what would you say? Preppy? hipster? sporty?

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WATCH: Voiceless Ads Expose Australia’s Factory Farms

by Jennifer Mishler

Nonprofit Voiceless’ new ads shed light on Australian factory farms, which they say keep animals in worse conditions than Europe’s farms.

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Abbie Cornish, Australian Celebs Support Animal-Rights Group

by China DeSpain

Cornish says, “The people behind Voiceless are incredibly intelligent and are putting forward the information in a very honest and straightforward way.”

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Abbie Cornish Talks About Her Early Start As Vegetarian

by Ali Garfinkel

Many celebrities have made the switch to live a vegetarian lifestyle over the years as more benefits of the practice have surfaced, as well as more evidence of animal cruelty

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The Green Picture: Abbie Cornish Loves Olsenhaus Vegan Shoes

by MPD

Actress Abbie Cornish recently appeared in the LA Times rocking some pretty awesome vegan footwear. The shoes in question were Olsenhaus Prague booties which are available at Earlier this

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