Alexander McQueen Leaves Large Amount of Money to His Dogs

by Allyson Koerner

Fashion icon Alexander McQueen has left a good chunk of money to his three beloved pet dogs. Minter, Juice and Callum will receive £50,000, just short of $82,000. The money

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Amy Winehouse Donates £20,000 In Designer Clothing To Charity

by ecorazzicontributor

I think if I found out that Amy Winehouse was having a garage sale, I’d go just to gawk at all of the paraphernalia she’d collected from her substance abuse/crazy

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Joss Stone To Do Whatever It Takes

by sara

Another eco bag alert: Celebs are teaming up with 21st Century Leaders for Whatever It Takes, a new charity art project. Each celeb is donating their own artwork–something to symbolize hope–and

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