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Second Annual “World Love for Dolphins Day” Coming This Friday

by Brianne Hogan

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Sea Shepherd will be joined by speakers and supporters, both famous and non-famous, for the second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day.” The peaceful

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WATCH: Celebs and MFA Show the Truth Behind the Burger

by Joan Reddy

The new PSA video, “Dinner at Le Cruel,” is a funny, but poignant commentary on the meat and dairy industry.

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‘Baywatch’ Actress Talks Veganism, and SeaWorld

by Natalia Lima

Alexandra Paul is mostly known for her 93 episode stint on “Baywatch” but perhaps she should be known for her compassionate and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Skin Trade Documentary Offers Compelling Case For Passing On Fur Altogether

by Elizah Leigh

The behind-the-scenes fur industry documentary ‘Skin Trade’ – directed by Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME) non-profit founder Shannon Keith (who also happens to be an animal rights lawyer, to

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