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Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio Unite to Create Ocean Preserve

by Joan Reddy

President Barack Obama and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have joined forces to carve out what could be the world’s largest marine sanctuary.

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Obama Aims to Create World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary

by Natalia Galbetti

President Obama is revealing a plan on Tuesday to protect a great area of the Pacific Ocean, a move that will help preserve marine species by preventing anyone from fishing and exploring the ground for oil.

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WATCH: Obama Wants to Clean Up Planet for Kid’s Health

by Lindsey Little

Obama seeks to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants as a way to improve the health and well-being of children.

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Hollywood’s Leading Men Raise Awareness for Sexual Assault

by Maria Mooney

Hollywood’s famous faces are joining forces with President Obama to end sexual assault. On Tuesday, a new PSA about sexual assault at college universities, the second from the Obama administration’s

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The Obamas’ New Dog Was Purchased for Around $2,300

by Megan Thompson

Mystery solved! After such speculation, it has been confirmed that Sunny, the Obama family’s new Portuguese water dog, was indeed purchased from a breeder and not, as many hoped, adopted.

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President Obama Adopts(?) Puppy and Donates to Shelter

by Ali Berman

The first family welcomed a new canine companion to the White House, a Portuguese Water Dog named Sunny.

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Climate Change Appears in Obama’s Second Inauguration Speech

by Michael dEstries

Finally. In his second inauguration speech today (January 21), President Barack Obama addressed climate change and, doubling-down on