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WATCH: Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hillary Clinton, Asks for One of Her Elephants

by Brianne Hogan

In a video, which was released to celebrate Bill Clinton’s birthday by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation, Kevin Spacey, playing his “House of Cards” character, Frank Underwood, calls Hillary Clinton as

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Documentary ‘Fed Up’ Tackles Junk Food and Obesity in America

by Amanda Just

Dr. David Kessler, a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner, calls it “one of the greatest public health epidemics of our time.” Michael Pollan says the government is “subsidizing”

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Hillary Clinton Concerned About Climate Change

by Natalia Galbetti

Hillary Clinton is still being coy about whether she will run for president in 2016 but if she does, climate change will be at the forefront of her campaign based

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Vegan Lifestyle Keeps Bill Clinton’s Heart Young

by Maria Mooney

Chelsea Clinton calls her father, former President Bill Clinton, the most famous vegan in the world.

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Bill Clinton Went Vegan to “Maximize His Chances” of Survival

by Ali Berman

Bill Clinton wasn’t known for his healthy eating habits when he was living in the White House. But now, the former president is one of the best examples of how changing your diet can prolong your life.

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Clinton, Branson Lend Helping Hand to Haiti Forest Initiative

by Allyson Koerner

Former President Bill Clinton and Virgin Unite founder Richard Branson join forces in launching the Haiti Forest Initiative.

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Top 10 Vegan Trends and Events of 2012

by China DeSpain

Check out our picks for the top 10 happenings in the vegan world over the past year.

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