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Brad Pitt And Bill Clinton Formally Break Ground In New Orleans

by Michael dEstries

Those little pink houses were only the beginning. Today, Bill Clinton joined Brad Pitt — along with 600 students from around the world — to formally break ground on Pitt’s

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Obama and Oprah: Oprahpalooza 2007 Kicks Off

by paige

As Oprahpalooza kicked off in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire over the weekend, it is clear that when it comes to celebrity endorsements, Obama is the man. A flood

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Wal-Mart: Putting The “Light” In Enlightenment

by MPD

Do you loathe Wal-Mart as much as I do? Because I’m not going to lie to you here, I am an avid Wal-Mart hater! Maybe it’s the smell of pale,

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