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Bill Maher Is Sick and Tired of Polar Bear BS Legislation

by Kelly Keltner

Bill Maher uses Twitter to voice his outrage over passage of Sportsmen’s Heritage Act.

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Russia’s Ban on Harp Seal Skin Imports a Big Hit to Canadian Seal Hunt

by Jennifer Mishler

All signs point to the end of the Canadian seal hunt. The European Union’s (EU) ban of seal product imports in 2009 was a big step, and Canada has unsuccessfully

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Global Green Is Gearing Up For Their Annual Pre-Oscar Bash

by Ali Berman

Where is the hottest place for an eco-celeb to be right before the Oscars? The Global Green pre-Oscar bash, a function dedicated to raising environmental awareness and, of course, looking

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The Shark-Free Marina Initiative Launches Massive Campaign With Major Celebrity Help

by Michael Parrish DuDell

What do Nigel Barker, Elizabeth Berkley, Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher have in common? They each support the Shark-Free Marina Initiative! Here’s the deal: Sharks are disappearing from the world’s

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Bill Maher Calls For End To Canada’s Annual Seal Hunt

by Daelyn Fortney

With tomorrow marking the end of this year’s annual seal hunt in Canada, Bill Maher submitted an opinion piece to the New York Daily News urging our neighbor to the

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Bill Maher Slams Oil Drilling Enthusiasts On Twitter

by Michael dEstries

We’ll see you there, Palin!

The Green Quote: Bill Maher On Climate Change, Permafrost And Methane

by Michael Parrish DuDell

“This is the ultimate healthcare issue: the environment. “People are looking for an excuse not to have to worry about this. But that’s just sticking your head in the sand.

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