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Billy Joel Known as Saint Billy to Animal Rescuers

by Natalia Galbetti

The singer recently gave all the proceeds from a concert to a campaign from the animal rescue organization North Shore Animal League America.

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Billy Joel Says Elephants Are Worth More Than Ivory Piano Keys

by Joan Reddy

Billy Joel, whom is often referred to as the quintessential ‘Piano Man,’ spoke out against the slaughter of elephants and rhinos for their ivory.

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Visually Impaired Teen Touches People’s Lives One Painting at a Time

by Allyson Koerner

Jeffery Owen Hanson isn’t your typical teenage boy. At 17-years-old he has already donated thousands of dollars to charity and isn’t about to stop there. Hanson, from Overland Park, Kan.,

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Sting Holds Annual Benefit To Help Save The Rainforest

by MPD

I’ll tell you this: Sting loves him some rainforest. In fact, for almost two decades Sting has been an eco-champion for the environment, and will celebrate his 20 years with

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