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Rock Hall of Fame Preserves Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

by Ali Garfinkel

You want fries with that? Lady Gaga‘s infamous ‘meat dress,’ the one she wore to the 2010 MTV music awards last year, has been turned over to the Rock Hall

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Edward Norton Named UN’s New Goodwill Ambassador For Biodiversity

by Elizah Leigh

In the sea of celebrities who make it oh-so-easy to scrutinize and flat out criticize their shameful behavior, it’s virtually impossible to point a tsk-tsk finger at Edward Norton. Go

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Courtney Love Admits To Being A Fur Whore

by Michael dEstries

The greatest thing about reading Courtney Love’s MySpace entries is actually attempting to comprehend her jagged writing. I suppose if you’re wired on something other than life, it makes things

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Paltrow/Martin’s Second Hand Smoke

by lori

I dare you to read Courtney Love’s latest blog entry. No, I double dog dare you. It’s an interesting tale of a visit to her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris

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Courtney Love Goes From LA To The UK

by MPD

Courtney Love wants out of L.A!!The ex- Hole singer is fed up with all the pollution in Los Angeles and plans on escaping to a cleaner land. And where might

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