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WATCH: Peter Dinklage and Other Celebs Condemn Horse Carriages

by Natalia Lima

A slew of celebrities is condemning the New York horse carriages and asking the public to support the idea of banning them as soon as possible. In a new video

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Dave Navarro Nude In Anti-Fur PETA Ad

by Michael dEstries

Rocker Dave Navarro has become the latest musician to strip it all off for PETA to protest fur. The Jane’s Addiction guitarist says he used to wear fur in some

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Steven Tyler, Kiss and Dee Snider Help VH1 Rock Autism!

by sara

You may have seen the VH1 Rock Autism campaign PSAs on TV. An old school aficionado myself, I was pretty stoked to see Steven Tyler, KISS, Dee Snider (of Twisted

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