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Demi Lovato Feels Better on Mostly Raw Plant Based Diet

by Natalia Lima

Demi Lovato indulged in a slice of pizza last month, despite her allergy to dairy, because she just couldn’t say no in front of the commander in chief.

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2012 Teen Choice Awards Goes Green with Energy Playground

by Allyson Koerner

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards support the environment with interactive and eco-friendly playground.

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Demi Lovato Praises the Rodeo and the Strong Cowboys

by Ali Berman

At this very moment Demi Lovato is at the rodeo enjoying watching men ride around on bucking horses and the like.

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Demi Lovato Returns to Treatment Center to Speak to Women

by Jennifer Mishler

Demi Lovato returned to the treatment center she entered last year, but this time she was there for a visit and gave an emotional speech.

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Disney Stars Pitch In With ‘Friends For Change: Project Green’

by Elizah Leigh

Animated movies and blockbuster nature films may come to mind when you lay your eyes on the all-too-familiar ‘Disney’ logo, but the mega-bucks corporation is also known for jumpstarting the

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Demi Lovato And Joe Jonas Encourage Fans To ‘Make A Wave’

by Daelyn Fortney

Over the end credits of Disneynature’s highly anticipated “Oceans” audiences will be treated with an inspiring original song “Make A Wave” performed by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. The song

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Disneynature ‘Oceans’ Gets Official Music Video

by Michael dEstries

Avatar isn’t the only green-themed film getting a release on Earth Day. Disneynature is getting ready to release its next documentary juggernaut OCEANS as a follow-up to last April’s highly

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