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Hollywood’s Leading Men Raise Awareness for Sexual Assault

by Maria Mooney

Hollywood’s famous faces are joining forces with President Obama to end sexual assault. On Tuesday, a new PSA about sexual assault at college universities, the second from the Obama administration’s

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Eli Manning: Super Bowl Winner and Charity Giver

by Allyson Koerner

When the 31-year-old athlete isn’t training or being a professional quarterback, he is giving back to others. And it seems that Manning has a soft spot for kids.

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Christie’s Green Auction Offers Celebrity Experiences While Benefiting Charity

by Daelyn Fortney

Back in February Christie’s International announced the 2010 Inaugural Green Auction titled, “A Bid to Save the Earth” to honor the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. With the big event

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Ellen DeGeneres To Once Again Host IDOL GIVES BACK

by MPD

Good news American Idol fans! Ellen DeGeneres will once again join Ryan Seacrest as the co-host of IDOL GIVES BACK on Wednesday, April 9th (7:30-10:00 PM ET/PT). IDOL GIVES BACK

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