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Janelle Monáe To Headline Green Campus Conscious Tour

by Lisa Kalner Williams

Grammy-nominated Janelle Monáe is about to embark on an environmentally-themed campus tour, thanks to non-profit Reverb. Reverb has invited Ms. Monáe to join its latest Campus Conscious Tour (CCT). In addition to educating and

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Adam Gardner of Guster Sings the Praises of Organic Food

by Kara DiCamillo

Guster frontman Adam Gardner believes that buying organic is the way to go. In a recent interview over at the Huffington Post, Gardner reveals that while on tour the Guster

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Green Music Group: Saving The Environment With Sweet Eco-Harmony

by Elizah Leigh

Melding good green ecological sensibilities with crowd-pleasing music for the masses, Maine-based non-profit group Reverb and eco-sensible luminaries in the music community such as Bonnie Raitt, Dave Matthews Band, Maroon

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