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Katy Perry to Bring a Lion and Sharks to Halftime Show

by Natalia Lima

Katy Perry will be the center of attention this Sunday at the Super Bowl halftime show but her recent announcement about the performance will have animal rights activists concerned. “I’m probably

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UNICEF Launches All-New Celeb Singalong of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

by Brianne Hogan

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has teamed up with an array of celebrities to cover John Lennon’s beloved “Imagine”

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Katy Perry Grows Her Own Fruits And Vegetables

by Maria Mooney

Katy Perry, American singer-songwriter, businesswoman, philanthropist and actress, is a woman of many talents, and now you can add gardening aficionado to the list. The 29 year-old, whose private life has

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Katy Perry May Have Picked up Ex’s Healthy Eating Habits

by Megan Thompson

Katy Perry may no-longer be in a relationship with actor/comedian Russell Brand, but her health-conscious ex husband may have rubbed off on the singer.

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PETA in Up’ROAR’ Over Katy Perry’s New Video

by Amanda Just

The animal rights organization is disappointed in Katy Perry’s choice of using animals as entertainment.

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Katy Perry Taunts Russell Brand with Big Mac?

by Allyson Koerner

The singer sends photo of half-eaten Big Mac to vegan ex-husband.

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Katy Perry Donates Proceeds from New Song to Charity

by Brook Bolen

Katy Perry tweets that she will donate all proceeds from her post divorce anthem “Part of Me,” to one of her favorite charities, MusiCares.

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