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WATCH: Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hillary Clinton, Asks for One of Her Elephants

by Brianne Hogan

In a video, which was released to celebrate Bill Clinton’s birthday by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation, Kevin Spacey, playing his “House of Cards” character, Frank Underwood, calls Hillary Clinton as

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Exclusive: Kevin Spacey a ‘HUGE’ Advocate for Animal Adoption

by Nell Alk

Given his adoption—and subsequent adoration—of rescue dog Boston nearly a year ago, it comes as no surprise that Kevin Spacey wholeheartedly embraces, and likewise disseminates, the “adopt-don’t-shop” adage. Asked at

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Kevin Spacey Rescues Dog, Names Her Boston to Honor the City

by Ashlee Piper

Kevin Spacey has played some of the most diabolical and sinister characters in film, but the Hollywood star showed his softer side when he shared photos of his newly adopted pup on Twitter this Saturday.

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Prince Charles Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Charity with Celebs

by Allyson Koerner

In addition to his son William tying the knot, Prince Charles has another reason to celebrate. It is the 35th anniversary of his charity, the Prince’s Trust, and of course

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Help Raise $28M For Children’s Charity

by Michael dEstries

Showing just how powerful (and ridiculously wealthy) a gala filled with bankers and money managers can be, last night’s 10th annual charity dinner for Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) raised

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Paul McCartney To Perform At Kevin Spacey’s Theater Fundraiser

by Daelyn Fortney

On July 1, Kevin Spacey will host a star studded birthday celebration at The Old Vic, a theater located just southeast of Waterloo Station in London. The gala, which doubles

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A Flock Of Stars Show Up For A Concert Honoring Al Gore

by MPD

At a recent event in Oslo, Norway, a goggle of stars came out to perform at a concert honoring Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, and the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel

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