Vegan Message Passionately Conveyed at People’s Climate March

by Nell Alk

Animal rights activists and folks who know animal ag is responsible for the greatest percentage of our earth’s crises represented at People’s Climate March.

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Bob Barker Is Getting Vegucated At LA Film Premiere!

by Ali Berman

Bob Barker has been a longtime friend to animals. Whether he’s plugging his vegetarian diet, doing a PSA for captive marine animals or promoting spay and neuter initiatives, Barker is

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A Dallas Vegan Celebration: The Texas Veggie State Fair

by Jennifer Mishler

We recently told our Ecorazzi readers about the University of North Texas’ brand new “Mean Greens” vegan dining hall, complete with an ever-changing menu of plant-based options. It turns out, vegans

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Live A Damn Features Nonprofit Groundbreaker, Vegan Filmmaker, And Green Music Champion

by MPD

If it’s true that the number seven is lucky, then this might be the luckiest show yet! Each week on Live a Damn Radio I spotlight the many do-gooders around

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