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The 10 Most Charitable 2012 Oscar Nominees

by China DeSpain

We researched this year’s Oscar nominees to see who we think already qualifies as a winner: those who give to and work with charities.

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Scorsese Gets Dog Star from ‘Hugo’ a Golden Collar Nomination

by Erica Evans

Scorsese recently took to the pages of the Los Angeles Times to bemoan the lack of a Golden Collar nomination for the work of Blackie the Doberman in his film “Hugo”.

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DiCaprio Kicks Off The 2010 Tag Heuer Tesla Roadster Round-The-World Road Trip

by Elizah Leigh

So what’s our green crusader up to now? Don’t think for one minute that lukewarm reviews of DiCaprio’s latest Martin Scorsese-directed flick, Shutter Island, have slowed him down. The A-lister

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