Michelle Pfeiffer Doesn’t ‘Preach Vegan’

by Amanda Just

Michelle Pfeiffer has come a long way in her health since going vegan, but she’s not interested in “preaching” about her lifestyle to her children.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals She Once Was in ‘Breatharian’ Cult

by Lindsey Little

Michelle Pfeiffer revealed to the UK’s Telegraph that when she first came to Hollywood at age 20, she became involved in a cult who called themselves “breatharians”. The now 55-year-old

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Pfeiffer Credits Vegan Diet with 83 Point Drop in Cholesterol

by Megan Thompson

After a nearly ten-year break from acting, Michelle Pfeiffer is back and looking better than ever.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Credits Vegan Diet for Ageless Looks

by China DeSpain

The dietary change was a pretty dramatic switch for Pfeiffer, whose previous lifestyle was less than healthy.

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Michelle Pfeiffer on Her New Vegan Diet

by Jennifer Mishler

The actress opens up to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about why she switched to a vegan diet for hear health.

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Jessica Simpson And Other Stars Go Barefoot for Charity

by Ali Berman

During the first week of June, if you see your coworkers walking around barefoot, or a group of people walking down the street, all with naked feet, don’t feel like

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Pink Considers Adoption To Help Reduce Her Global Footprint

by MPD

We feature Pink a lot here on Ecorazzi…and for good reasons. Between her work as an animal advocate and environmental supporter, Pink proves time and time again that she has

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