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Mick Jagger Named Amazon Ambassador

by China DeSpain

Here’s a bit of weird news: The Peruvian government has made Mick Jagger an honorary tourism ambassador for the Amazon rainforest. Specifically, he is now the ambassador for the Madre

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Ben Affleck Releases Short Film To Highlight Congolese Need

by Michael dEstries

The short film documentary Ben Affleck has been working on for several months finally received a name and a release during a press conference at the United Nations today. Titled

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Jade Jagger Dances to a Green Tune

by sara

Jade Jagger, model daughter to Rolling Stones crooner Mick Jagger, likes to get her groove on where it’s green. Surya, a club she helped launch in 2009, is the world’s

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The Rolling Stones Go Organic

by MPD

Hey dad — this one’s for you! Who da thunk that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood would one day be the poster boys for good health?

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