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Michael Stipe and Salman Rushdie to Host Charity Book Fair

by Erica Evans

Salman Rushdie and Michael Stipe to host benefit for impoverished and at-risk children in South Africa

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Cameron Diaz Designs An Eco-Themed Lunchbox For Charity

by Michael dEstries

Cameron Diaz — along with other celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Colicchio and Salman Rushdie — has designed a lunch box to help benefit hunger relief. Called “The Lunchbox Auction”,

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Razzi Snap: Kelly Preston Holds Scientology Concert Benefit

by sara

Kelly Preston held a Scientology Concert on Monday to benefit the Sussex Air Ambulance Service. Say what you will of Scientology, but the event did raise $82,000. Sussex Air Ambulance

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