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Muse Frontman Matt Bellamy Wants To Retire And Grow Hemp

by ecorazzicontributor

Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy, has a backup plan if this whole music thing doesn’t work out. Even though his band just released their new album “The Resistance”, rocked this years

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Ellen DeGeneres To Star In Female Force Comic Book

by Daelyn Fortney

On March 31, Ellen DeGeneres joins the ranks of other influential women including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, and Barbara Walters who have all been featured in Bluewater Productions’ Female Force comics.

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Vegetarian Lifestyle Growing Popular With Vampires

by Michael dEstries

Not since Bunnicula — the vampire bunny that sucked the juice out of vegetables — has there been such an interest in vegetarian options for vampires. Sure, the immortal “cold

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