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Elissa Sursara and Isabel Lucas Expose The Truth On Fur

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fur ladies

“It’s a shame that so many culturally diverse people in the entertainment industry flaunt such a terrible thing,” says Brazilian beauty Elissa Sursara. “Wearing fur can’t be justified. It’s not something people need, it’s just something people want. They don’t seem to care how it gets from the animal to their back and that’s something I’ve set out to change.”

The award winning actress, initially made famous at the age of four as an insanely popular South American child star, has been fur-free her entire life and follows a cruelty-free vegetarian diet, something she was enlisted to describe as a special guest on the upcoming green-documentary of pal Adrian Grenier, a friendship inspired by long-time best friend and Transformers 2 star, Isabel Lucas. “Isabel thought it would be a cool idea to collaborate for the documentary and it turned out great. Adrian has done an amazing job, he’s a true talent and he’s got a great heart and hopefully it evokes some change in others,” she says.

But for Sursara, a guest appearance is not the last of her eco-friendly projects in her stand against animal exploitation. Reportedly joining forces with a super-secret shoe design house to release her own range of vegan-friendly footwear and teaming up with fellow actress Natalie Portman for an anti-fur PETA PSA, it’s the starlet’s own highly-graphic animal rights documentary Rights Revoked for Animal Planet that is said to have tongues wagging.

As a 20-episode documentary about animal welfare, the actress alongside Isabel Lucas – de-glamed, natural and getting their hands dirty – will offer a first hand look at the truth behind animals in fashion and entertainment using footage taken while posing undercover and in disguise at fur-farms, factory farms, slaughter houses and circuses. The documentary is successfully fighting its way through a legal battle to have the production shut-down. Of that matter Sursara said, “Fur Associations and the like have tried to stop us from pushing forward with the docu-series. I guess it’s expected from billion dollar industries that profit from the things we’re trying to expose. They won’t win so they may as well save their breath.”

The curvaceous 20-year-old, who has recently knocked back some career-making movie deals to “be more family orientated” while a relative battles an illness claims, “I’m taking a few months to be there for the people that really matter to me before I return to work.”

Rights Revoked is set to make it’s chilling debut in mid-2009.

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  • Trace Williams

    This isn’t true…. Isabel Lucas and Elissa Sursara did not have a fight and Isabel denied the fight in an interview. They are connected through Sea Shepherd and there is not tension or bad blood between them. The picture on the right is Katrina Vargas, not Elissa Sursara. This is very poor reporting. Please post an update reflecting this!

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