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Ellen DeGeneres Fights Animal Cruelty But Plugs CoverGirl?

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Last weekend, Ellen DeGeneres hosted a star-studded event in Hollywood raising cash and support for Proposition 2 — a ballot initiative in California that would outlaw confining crates and cages used in the factory farming of hens, veal calves and pregnant pigs. “I think no one goes out of their way to hurt an animal,” DeGeneres told the LA Times. “This isn’t even taking care of them,” She added. “It’s just making things a little better for them.” Ecorazzi was there and we’ll have a full video report later, but Deceiver.com brings up an interesting point regarding DeGeneres’s love of animals and her new gig plugging makeup for CoverGirl.

A couple weeks ago, Ellen announced that she was the new face of Covergirl. “It’s a very cool thing I’m honored and the photo shoot was ‘easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl,” she quipped. The campaign is set to launch in January. But here’s the problem…

Under their parent company Procter & Gamble, CoverGirl is one of the largest companies conducting animal testing in the United States — even though P&G says they’ve discontinued animal testing on 80% of their products. Do the remaining 20% of animals not have a voice then?

Frankly, this is pretty dissappointing for a someone like DeGeneres to throw her support behind CoverGirl one week and then say she “loves animals” the next at a giant fundraiser. Which one is it — or are we to believe that a paycheck makes those 20% suffering more tolerable to ignore?

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  • Lillystomper

    ive been wondering that for long time!!! you cannot love animals and hurt them at the same time.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for saying this Michael. I have been wondering the same thing myself!!! I also saw Ellen plug the Farm Sanctuary. Awesome that she does care and speaks up for it..even a vegan I believe…..but what about Cover Girl??? I do hope they stop testing, I love the product she speaks about, but not more than the 20%!!!

  • Yes I am so disappointed in her. She makes a comment how they should test make up on murderers and rapist instead of innocent bunnies and then advertises for a product produced by an evil company like P & G. Is she that stupid???

  • i’ve got more bad news…pink is now a cover girl too!!!! my two favorite celebrities that i love so much for fighting aninal cruelty… 🙁 disappointed

  • Gina Rafkind

    I buy Halo and their site says they do not ever test on animals…………where did you see otherwise? just curious bc I use that product for my pup…thx

  • Nora

    Hypocrite. Not watching her anymore. If you represent something, stand by it. Pure vanity and money related decision by Ellen. Respect for her just… gone.

    • carol

      Ellen, is a hypocrite.All the money and products she gives away on her show are from sponsors who get free adverising.she uses other people to make her famous,always has phoney celebrities on her show. All ahe cares about is her show and her ratings.Eveything about her is phoney.I liked her

      for her humor but it is worn out now.She doesn’t give a

      crap for animals it is used to boost her career.It’s all about the money she has enough money to stop the aniaml testing and she has the media to help.i will not watch her show again and my respect for her is gone down the drain .Your a phoney hypocrite ellen and i hope more people catch on to you..

  • Leah

    Sorry Ehany but Revlon tests on animals too. http://www.mediapeta.com/peta/PDF/companiesdotest.pdf This is a list of companies that do test on animals provided by PETA website. I am sad Ellen and P!nk are Covergirls. Have they made any statements? I’d like to hear what their thoughts are on it? Do they even care? Does anyone have any information regarding what either of those two women are thinking?

    • LawGeek

      Revlon was a cruelty-free company when Ehany made that post four years ago.

      It refused to conduct animal testing for many years while Cover Girl and P&G never gave the slightest thought to animals. Now, Revlon has entered the Chinese market where animal testing is required by law. PeTA has added them to it’s list of companies since they (fairly) assumed that this meant they’re conducting animal testing again.

      However, to equate a company that decides to enter the Chinese market rather than take a stand against animal testing (which sucks) to Cover Girl who has always tested on animals for NO DAMN REASON is not exactly fair. I don’t think they are the moral equivalent.

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