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Animal-Loving Hayden Panettiere Designs Calfskin Leather Bag

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Hayden Panettiere is making my head go all crazy this morning after learning that she’s teamed up with Dooney & Bourke to promote a smorgisborg of leather bags.

As many of you know, Panettiere is not only a vegetarian, but has worked super hard to bring attention to saving the whales in Japan. So I’m just a little confused about why she’s not only peddling their less than cruelty-free products, but has even created her own $295 “Hayden Clutch” – an Italian calfskin clutch decked out with a 24-carat gold plated lion head. CALFSKIN!!

I think there’s a real disconnect here with Hayden (and many other animal-friendly people) when it comes to leather products. How can you work so hard to help one animal and then actively contribute to the deaths of so many others? Do you think Hayden is being a little hypocritical or is leather not that big of a deal? Chime in and share your thoughts!!

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  • Preciousmoments81

    Um, I know a lot of healthy vegans. Some famous athletes are vegan, such as the ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek and others (http://www.greatveganathletes.com). And please site your sources on veganism contributing to cellulite. Do you even know what cellulite is?

    Personally I think eating meat is so primitive. We’re not neanderthals (or at least most of us). And I believe that if you’re not willing to kill the animal yourself then you shouldn’t be eating them. And it doesn’t take much brains to eat an animal-but it takes more brains and creativity to put something delicious and meat free on the table.

  • Lehcar

    Veganism has nothing to do with this discussion. I think people have an issue with her advocating, very strongly and publicly, against whaling and dolphin hunting, yet is designing and promoting calfskin bags. It’s not that she has chosen to eat meat (which she has since this was published) but that she is on one extreme of the scale for one animal and gloriously on the other side when it comes to calfs. Calfs that are skinned for their hides do not have their meat harvested. This is not an aboriginal practice of using every last piece. Calves are bred and kept for the sole purpose of using their hides to make these types of things. It’s confusing and shameful that Hayden finds room in her heart for some creatures and so blatantly disregards others. You are also misled about humans being “designed” to eat meat. We have adapted and evolved into animals that CAn consume meat, it does not mean that our bodies and digestive systems were created for that exact purpose.

    (i know this thread is years old and dead, but it felt good to articulate that ;))

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