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Farm Sanctuary Exclusive Interview: Jennifer Puts The "Cool" In Coolidge

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After attending Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Wonderland event last week, Ecorazzi announced that we would be featuring a whole week of Farm Sanctuary exclusive interviews with a few of our favorite stars. Up first, Jennifer Coolidge!

My first impression of Jennifer was, “Wow, this chick’s way taller than I thought!” I stand a respectable 5 foot 11 inches and J.Cool was still totally towering over me! Of course, like everyone, I’m a fan of all those wonderful Christopher Guest movies, so I already knew she was HYSTERICAL. But what I didn’t know is that Jennifer — in all her statuesque glory — is also a HUGE animal lover. Want proof? Check out the interview below!

Ecorazzi: Hey Jennifer! So great to finally meet you! I know you’ve worked with Live Earth, Ideal Bite, and even auctioned off a Prius at this year’s Hollywood Benefit. Share with our readers a little about your environmental work.

Jennifer Coolidge: Well I have to say I do nothing compared to my father. My father’s a huge environmentalist.

E: I had no idea. Tell me about your father.

JC: I flew in to hear him give this great speech at church about the environment. You know, there were these people out there who predicted this a long time ago. There were these people like Gore — people like my father — who all talked about this before most of us were aware of it at all. So I sort heard it in my home a lot as I was growing up. But I feel like even though I do all these events, really what I do is only a drop in the bucket compared to the other people I know. I know people who just absolutely everyday of their life work for change.

E: And who are some of people or groups you enjoy?

JC: I have to say the animal rights people. THOSE are my people. There’s something really weird about it. I feel like we animal people are like a tribe. You know when I meet people and find out I like them I don’t even know they’re animal people until later. But I hit it off with them and then find out we both love animals. You know I was just eating dinner last night and someone said they were at some men’s store that had fur curtains. Like the curtains were made of fur. You know it’s that thing, you hear it and you all just have the same reaction. All the people were animal people. And of course I love Sea Shepherd. I’m so glad they have their own show now.

Ei: Right! Whale Wars. We LOVE that show!!!

JC: YES!!! I mean those guys are out there fighting. Unbelievable, UNBELIEVABLE! And really brave! And not only are they brave because they could lose their lives so quickly, but they’re freezing, they’re freezing, they’re FREEZING their asses off!!

E: Have you seen Nigel Barker’s new documentary, A Sealed Fate?

JC: NO! Where did you see it? How? Is it coming out? Is it coming out?

E: I’m not sure when, but it will definitely be available somewhere in the future.

JC: Is it one of those that is really hard to watch?

E: Not at all. In fact, I think he made it that way on purpose. I know they kept out some of the most brutal parts. I think it’s great that you’re so excited about animal rights. Is that why you’re here tonight supporting Farm Sanctuary?

JC: Oh yes. Farm Sanctuary is just so way ahead of its time. I feel like the “farm videos” were sort of the last videos to come out. I mean we knew about the fur industry, but we didn’t know they were dumping caddle in piles and getting bulldozed and being frozen in the ice. We didn’t know those stories. You always hear about the Farmer in the Dell and how he loves his animals, but we’re not educated. And now it’s all coming out and people are starting to finally get educated about it. Farm Sanctuary is rescuing all these animals and tonight we’re raising money for medicine and to keep this wonderful organization going. I mean not one animal had a good life before they got here. I mean its all been crappy and now they’re living a good life because of this great organization. 

A big, big thank you to Jennifer Coolidge and Farm Sanctuary for making this interview possible! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we have a brand new exclusive celebrity interview!

photo credit: andrew ford

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