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Farm Sanctuary Exclusive: Alison Becker Heads To LA With Dreams Of Electric Cars

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As promised, Ecorazzi is tickled green to continue our exclusive interview series from Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Wonderland event . On Monday we brought the cool out of Jennifer Coolidge and yesterday we showcased Daniela Sea and all her meat-free goodness. Today we’re excited to introduce you to one of our favorite green gals, Alison Becker.

Alison Becker is no stranger to Ecorazzi. Last year Alison and I judged Whole Foods’ Whole Earth Generation competition and bonded over our green-loving ways. And during fashion week we sipped fancy cocktails at EDUN’s Origin of the Species Collection Presentation. Alison currently hosts Vh1 Top 20 Video Countdown and plays Becky in the new IFC improvised comedy Z Rock. She is also a fellow blogger! We caught up with Alison at the Winter Wonderland and chatted it up over vegan cheese and organic vodka. Check out what she had to say!!

Ecorazzi: Alison Becker, Alison Becker, Alison Becker! I’m seeing you everywhere these days! What brings you out to Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Wonderland?

Alison Becker: Farm Sanctuary is just a really great organization. They’re helping animals who can’t help themselves and I’m here to support them.

E: That’s great! I know you’re really excited about environmental living! Got any cool eco stuff going on?

AB: Well personally right now I’m moving to L.A and I’m shopping for a car. A little frightening! I’m looking at hybrids, but they’re going to release all the electric cars in 2010, so I think I’m gonna get a used hybrid and hold out and buy the brand new electric in 2010…which is very exciting!

E: LA! You’re changing coasts! You trader! Will you still be doing your shows on VH1 and IFC?

AB: I’m leaving VH1 — let the world know! But I’m doing a second season of IFC show and we’re going to be shooting that soon.

E: Groovy! If you had one eco tip for our readers this holiday season what would it be?

AB:I think just giving a little present to someone who might be a little close-minded or stubborn about being green. Last year in all of my gifts I gave an environmentally-friendly light bulb. I thought that was such a great little gift to ease certain people into it. You know there are certain people, maybe family members, who are a little old fashion, or certain people that you work with that don’t really think about things like that. So you have to put it in front of them. And everyone needs a light bulb eventually. So the next time their light bulb goes out they’re gonna reach for it and they’ll see how great it is.

E:Good call! The food here is amazing tonight, right? What’s one of your favorite things you’ve tasted?

AB: Oh man, the Mr. Cow vegan cheese is amazing.

E: You mean Dr. Cow?

AB: Yeah, Dr. Cow.

E: Come Alison he didn’t go to 8 years of raw, vegan cheese making school to be called mister.

AB: Ha! You’re right.

A big, big thank you to Alison Becker and Farm Sanctuary for making this interview possible! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we have a brand new exclusive celebrity interview!

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