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Ecorazzi Announces Our Top 5 Vegan Celebrities Of 2009

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I’m not gonna lie — vegan celebrities are probably on my mind a bit more than the average person. It just sort of comes with the job. 

I often find myself turning to friends in movies and whispering, “Pssst…notice in that scene how (insert vegan celebrity) didn’t really eat that sandwich. Yeah, it’s totally cause he’s VEG.”  Or I’ll see a well-known vegan artist on the cover of a magazine and manically skim the article for any words that start with the letter “v.” The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.   

Yesterday while walking home from a swanky event, I found myself trying to come up with the Top 5 Vegan Celebrities of 2009. Within a few minutes I made my picks and had already asked my Facebook friends (ps. why aren’t we Facebook friends?) to weigh in. And so, for your reading enjoyment, here are Ecorazzi’s Top 5 Vegan Celebrities of 2009!

Counting down…


5. Ginnifer Goodwin

There’s nothing I love more than a fresh-faced vegan who’s new to the scene and excited about the cause. Never afraid to share her thoughts on the issue, Ginnifer is constantly bringing up her herbivore ways.  While on Late Night with Conan O’Brian, Goodwin proudly declared “It’s amazing! I’m like on a vegan high! I don’t need drugs. There’s a party in my body. Every thing’s working appropriately.”  For her outspokenness, wisdom and PR skills, I proudly salute Ginnifer and offer her spot number five on our countdown. 

4. John Salley

John Salley proves that you don’t need animal protein to be a serious athlete. The famous NBA star has no problem throwing the word “vegan” around and recently took to the cameras to share  his thoughts with PETA . For his plant-based power, I knight Sir John Salley number four on our list of vegan celebs. 

3. Alicia Silverstone

Ah yes, the venerable veteran vegan!  Alicia Silverstone is well-known for inspiring the masses with  her compassionate views and being a steadfast warrior for the cause. Look for her new book — The Kind Diet — coming out this fall. Veganism never looked so good and for that we bow our heads and offer Alicia spot number three. 

2.  Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is one of those glamorous vegans that prove the power of plant-based foods. A vegan of over 16 years and a supporter of many great animal organizations, Emily is a rock in the movement and angel for the animals. For all of these reasons, we give her a high-five and spot number two.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

If I could, I’d write a book called Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Cooler Than PB&J.  You see, Ellen has perhaps the most attractive trait any celebrity could posses: the ability to speak-up for the causes she believes in without turning people off. As a fresh-off-the-boat vegan, Ellen has embraced the lifestyle with pride and gusto and helped promote some of the greatest leaders in the movement.  To thank her for all your compassion and coolness, we offer Ellen the biggest slice of vegan cake we can find and the title of our NUMBER ONE Vegan Celebrity of 2009. 

Well there you have it — our effing list of awesomeness. Of course, there are plenty of other vegan celebrities out there who we think are super rad and we sincerely thank them for their activist skills. 

Who are your Top 5 Vegan Celebrities of 2009? Chime in and let us know!!

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