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South Park "Whale Whores": Captain Paul Watson Responds!

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Wednesday night’s airing of the latest South Park episode Whale Whores created quite the conversation in our early morning recap. While some praised the message of the show, others felt that it went a little too far in playing Wack-A-Mole with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Watson stopped by the comments to share his feelings on the show — and explain why South Park’s exposure was worth the satirical abuse. In his own words,

I have to say that being lampooned on South Park is hardly something to complain about. They spelt Sea Shepherd right and they brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed personally, I’m in good company along with Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.”

It’s a tough situation we are in. We can’t hurt the whalers and we have to stay within the boundaries of the law in opposing illegal whaling operations. If that makes us pussies so be it, it’s better than being portrayed as killers. The point however that was missed is that we have cut the Japanese kill quotas in half over the last three years and cost them their profits. Our objective is to bankrupt them and we are doing just that.

South Park has however linked Japan to the horrific and senseless slaughter of dolphins and whales and all in all that’s a damn good message in our opinion.

What the Whale Whores episode also achieved was to highlight just how successful Whale Wars has been as a television show and how Sea Shepherd is out on the high seas actually trying to do something about the problem.

Captain Paul Watson
Captain – The Steve Irwin

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  • ramv36

    I have serious reservations about someone who describes not being able to hurt others and having to stay within the law as “a tough situation”.

    All this time I thought following the law and refraining from the injury of others was normal, even admirable. I guess Watson is neither of those things, based on his writings.

  • Jahleah Lightworker Santiago

    All of you should stfu. Sitting home without any fucking courage or compassion judging Paul on his motives. At least he has some!! Those whales are so lucky to have him around ! The sharks and the dolphins ! Have you been so numbed that you worry more abkut principles theb the corprate scale slaughter in our oceans ?!? This is the out of balance distruction of our ecosysyem and of species with noticably high intelligence. Yet here you are with nothong to focus on but his tactics and where he was born. Fucking distractibg yourselves because its all you know how to do ! Bet none of you have ever taken a stand for anything in life or society . You just see things happen and play the audience. Well fuck that. O respect his determination and the friction he causes, we aren’t begging for the slaughter to end we arebstanding up and fighting for their lives while you, who are the real pussies support this shit called the law .

    • Karl Malloy

      Big words for someone four years late to the article… can you please comment on the 1969 moon landing next?

      • herecomesjohnny321

        I didn’t know that whales only mattered four years ago. So it’s ok to kill them all now?

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